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My first bit of advice to you is when you pick an affiliate program to promote you need to look at the company history, see how long they’ve been around and see how long they’ve been paying affiliates because one of My top original picks called stack labs in probably less than a year it looks like they were completely sold out of everything.

Now I don’t know if that’s because of this coronavirus stuff, but they basically only had one product and then I went to this crazy mass website and it looks like they are running low on products as well.

They only had a couple of supplements available and it looked like they had stuff, but when you actually click the links, it would be the same products under different labels, so it’d, be like supplements for bulking and supplements for cutting were the same Stuff, so I don’t know what’s going on with some of these sites, so I did not pick these as part of my top picks.

So just a word of warning. If you’re gonna promote some specific supplements, make sure they have a good history but yeah. I did pick three interesting companies and if you would like to see other companies, I took stack labs off.

I’ll, probably take crazy mass off and I’ll update, update those right after I make this video. So if you want to see the full list of 10 bodybuilding affiliate programs, you can go to one more cup of coffee, comm, slash best bodybuilding, affiliate programs, alright, so the first one I’ll start with is actually one you probably have heard of Bodybuilding.

Com pretty easy to recommend this is a very reputable reputable company. They have really good writers and articles. They’ve been around for a long time. You can search for a lot of stuff. I am NOT a serious body builder, but I do like lifting weights and, as you can see, I was just searching for some c4.

You could promote this through the Amazon affiliate program, but if you, for some reason want to promote some other products from that are not available on Amazon or you may find that bodybuilding.

com has more variety. For example, on Amazon you may only be able to get the C for let’s, say psyche or C for pre-workout, but you may not be able to get the thermogenic or you may not be able to get the extreme.

I’m just guessing here, but you can see there’s, a lot of different types of c4 and not all of them may be available on Amazon, so yeah is a really reputable company. Okay, this is the affiliate page.

They do their affiliate program through impact radius, which is a really great affiliate network. I like working with them and it looks like you also have the option to be part of this subscription service called body fit which I don’t know if this is a recurring affiliate program, but let’s, see if we can Find out here, okay, we ‘

Ve got 8 % on new orders, 3 % on returning orders. It doesn’t, say anything about body fit. So if you do want to promote bodybuilding, calm and think you might be interested in their recurring affiliate stuff, definitely ask about body fit but yeah, so bodybuilding, bodybuilding calm is a good company that I would start with looking to promote on the opposite side of the Spectrum we’ve, got the HGH comm affiliate program, so I am NOT into the steroids or human growth hormone type of stuff, but I know a lot of bodybuilders are so it just depends on your audience.

I don’t know if HGH counts as a steroid, but I know there’s, a big divide in the bodybuilding community, between whose natural and who’s not and what’s, the correct way to do It is it healthy and all that stuff, so that would be part of your niche research process or your website building process.

You need to figure out who your audience is because, for example, if I go to the bodybuilding site – and I’m trying to learn how to do a new exercise and then they try to promote some human growth hormone to me, I’m – probably not going to return to that website, because that’s, just not my thing, other people they may be into this type of stuff.

And then, if you start talking about people who take steroids and people who take human growth hormones, then that may put them off of your Braun, so you need to realize who your audience is and what type of products do your marketing to them now.

Lastly, let’s, see what these guys pay, so it’s 15 to 50 %, so it probably depends on the product. A lot of these bodybuilding and fitness stuff will run promotions and special offers, and it looks like they’re running their program through more niche, which is, I haven’t used them myself, but I’ve, seen them around A bunch yeah, so the last one I want to recommend it’s kind of an interesting one.

This is a good example of how, when you think outside the box, you can find some really interesting products to promote. Now, when you think bodybuilding you think of weights, and actually I have a video about home gyms that I’ll link to in the description of the video, which is also worth promoting.

If you’re in the body building niche. But this is bodybuilding shirts. I don’t know if they have all kinds of clothes: okay, they do have pants collar extenders. So imagine that a product for guys specifically for guys who have giant necks because they’re working out too much or working out an appropriate amount.

They might say so. It’s, a specific brand of clothes for bodybuilders because they’re, so big they can’t fit into regular clothes. This is a perfect example of a niche website. You could probably do a whole site about how to dress well as a bodybuilder, because a lot of body builders will just walk around and like their muscle, t-shirts or their stringers.

Just because that’s, just a lifestyle. They’re in the gym all the time. Some guys, however, will actually have a regular style, but they need they may need a special kind of clothes in order to look nice for dinner dates or events, and things like that, so I I mean I haven’t tried these particular shirts, but I think it could be super interesting to promote this to some kind of audience.

Let’s, see how much they pay 20 percent. That’s, not bad. So yeah. This affiliate program won’t, be an appropriate for all bodybuilding websites, but I just wanted to introduce to you a kind of interesting thing that you could possibly promote and then get you thinking about.

What else could I promote it?’s related to bodybuilding, but not necessarily supplements or weights or pre, workouts or or that type of stuff yeah. Those are my top three picks to start. If you would like to see the other picks for bodybuilding affiliate programs, you can head on over to best bodybuilding affiliate programs on one more cup of coffee, calm.

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