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But there’s, important things that it does well that you’re, not gonna get with the other networks. Okay, and so basically, I’m logged in here and you can easily create a brand new account. You don’t need to go through the approval process, like with Mac’s, bounty or anything like that.

It’s. All it’s available to everybody. All you need to do is create an account, and so I basically created an account – and Here I am at the affiliate offers page right and basically that there’s. A couple of things I’m, going to talk about right.

The first thing is that a lot of these offers they’re, basically targeted and entrepreneurs right, so people that are making money right. They’re, basically targeted to people that are trying to make money right.

It’s. Not so much about consumption, it’s about people that are trying to make money, and if you are, you know in business in any kind of capacity, you understand that it’s, a lot easier to sell things, products and services to People that are trying to make money than to sell products and services to people that are just you, know, bored.

Okay, it’s, a lot better, because if I’m starting the business, I’m, much more likely to buy something that’s. Gon na help me make more money, okay, and so you know, as opposed to somebody who’s just chilling and they’re just looking to waste time.

They’re bored. They’re, trying to kind of you know, get out of the boredom and all that, and so a lot of these products are are great right because they are targeted to entrepreneurs. So people like me, people like you in in various capacity regardless, where you are on your journey, okay and so let’s.

Take a look at this. We have boss funnels swarm brand marketer. We have vids vids e press o profit product creator right there’s. A lot of interesting products that you’re, not gonna really find a click.

Click bang because Clickbank is is mostly for consumers and cpa marketing. The majority of offers are also for consumers, and this is a lot of for affiliate marketers right. This is for our business people who are trying to make money.

So if you have the right audience, you can easily promote offers here, and i’m gonna show you a great method in a little bit where we’re gonna take a great offer, and i’m gon Na show you how to promote it in this video, alright, so the next thing you want to take a look is the release date right.

There is the release date when the product was released there’s, the sales conversion rate visitor value right. This is the average visitor value, so you know if you’re sending traffic. This is the average the amount of the visitor right with it.

You know if you take into account the sale price right, so on average you know let’s, say you’re, sending 10 people and only one of them converts. On average, you’re gonna get a visitor value and so obviously the higher the visitor value, the better.

It is right, so we have the average sale and the refund rate. So you have a lot of these things. Then you have this metric here. This is the pulse and you can read more about it. This is a pulse indicator of affiliate performance for that offer.

Over the past few months, a higher pulse would indicate more overall activity for an offer based on the number of different people making sales, as well as some other factors related to overall sales number.

And so you have here a pulse right, the higher the better, and so you know I really I really like it, because you know I’m, an affiliate marketer right. I spend a lot of time and I and I deal with other affiliate marketers.

So a lot of you’re watching this video. You’re interested in making money, so you’re. Probably gonna have use for a lot of these products and – and you should be looking at it the same way. So that you will be able to promote these products to other affiliate marketers, and so you have to understand first of all, what kind of products right we have boss funnels! Let’s, open this, this product, real, quick and see what it & #.

39 s all about just to get an idea, because this product has 3000 plus sales, 20 percent conversion rate and a seven percent refund right. So we’re gonna open it up, and so we’re gonna take a look again so here’s, the product right.

This is a world’s, first viral funnel builder, okay, and so this is funnels right now, as we know, funnels are very, very important. They also have some contests, which is pretty cool. Actually, the top three affiliates will win a brand new iPhone as a $ 3,000 contest, plus winning MacBook Air 2020 Editions actually like back in my journey when I start out in the Philly it marketer like a long time ago.

Right they had, they had a really great prize that you know I was. I was basically participating in a network and that network doesn’t exist today, and they were basically giving away prizes, and that was very cool.

And so I also won a couple of prizes, so I’m very familiar with this method. This is pretty cool right, so we have all free stats, 3000 sales, visitor value, seven percent refund conversion rate – and we have this right.

This is the commission range. We can look at the funnel map and you can basically get our better idea and here’s, the funnel map. We have this one one-time offer. This is OTO one-time offer we have with that down.

So then we have like a crazy funnel right, so we have the main page and then, as they’re going through the funnel, they’re presented different things and if you are not familiar, what is owed Co one-time offer things like That you really need to understand this because it’s.

Gon na help you out on your kind of affiliate journey, okay. So this is something you need to understand, and so there’s, a lot of interesting things right and then they’re, basically selling a lot of products right and so, depending on the products that you’re.

You’re gonna be able to you know, get sold. The visitor is gonna buy you’re gonna. Have a certain commission right here’s, the dollar value and the percentage, and so they have a ton of products that have 17 products.

We can check out their sales page here. We can open it up and we can take a look. What’s happening there, and here’s, get boss funnels, and we want to take a look right. What exactly they selling, because I know there’s clickfunnels.

I know there’s card flows there’s. A lot of a lot of you know a lot of really good products in this in this market segment. So I want to get an idea what exactly they’re selling. Just to see if this is something – and so we all know funnels – is always making money right.

Click funnels exist, but there’s. A lot of other competitors right. I name the few and here’s, another one and so done-for-you funnels and one click, free viral traffic, built-in, etc, etc. So we’re, basically looking right and finally enjoyed the power of viral sales.

Funnels right so funnels are always great right. Final funnels are always gonna make money, and so you have a product here and we can go back to the landing page now, for a lot of these offers, you have to be approved, and being approved is very, very simple.

All you need to do is basically click request and tell the vendor a little bit about what you’re doing, and I’m gonna show you a product that I was approved for and a really cool offer, and I will Teach you how to promote it as well, and so here you are, you can, basically, you must be approved, so I can basically click on request approval and I can basically tell them a little bit right now when you are doing this.

Let me give you a couple of hints: this is not max bounty where you have to, like. You know, sign your life away or anything like that. This is actually very simple. You just need to tell a little bit about what you’re, trying to do hi so, for instance, I would.

I would write something like this hi. I’m interested in promoting this product this product. To my to my make money online email list, okay, I’m interested this. I’m interested in promoting in promoting this product to my MMO email list, or something like that.

I also, I may also run FB ads through a landing page through a landing page that’s. It you just wan na give an impression that you weren’t born yesterday, that you understand how affiliate marketing works and you’re.

Not gonna be a pain. You’re, not gonna send BS traffic. You’re, not gonna be a burden. You know what’s up because they don’t want to just allow everybody to promote, and also, if you have a website, you can have a link to your website.

Maybe have a make money online website, but, as you can see, this is not really required right, and so let me show you an offer that I found that I’m gonna be promoting and what you can do is basically you can go On all offers – and I’m gonna click on approved only – and I have this one offer that I want.

You know offer a product that I really like, and this is a product I’ve, been kind of promoting every now and then I’m gonna show you a couple of really nice methods of promoting. This is called YT supremacy and this product is targeted to people who are interested in building a YouTube channel.

So anybody who wants to build a YouTube channel. Anybody who wants to monetize a YouTube channel, build Authority, YouTube channels and rank videos faster and higher than ever on, both YouTube and Google for promoting affiliate products on your own, and so you’re.

Get we’re, getting a hundred percent front end and then fifty percent, the rest of the funnel, and that’s, fantastic right and so take a look at this. There is one thousand plus sales, eight percent conversion rate less than four percent refund rate right, so it’s.

Not it’s, not it’s, not a BS product where people buy it and they immediately ask for a refund this is you know? This is a very low refund rate right. I visit their value 139 and the pulse of this. So we don’t really care about pools.

That much pulse is like you know it’s, one. It’s, a popularity contest. We’re, not looking for that. We’re, just looking for a cool product right and so here’s, the funnel map we have YT supremacy. This is upsell right once I’m up so number one one-time app so number two and we’re, getting 100 % of this and then 50 % of that they have three products.

So we’re. Getting a hundred percent of this 50 % of this, and so why am I telling you this right? In my opinion, you know it ‘ S like this product is ideal for the method that I’m. Gon na show you right there’s, no other product there’s.

No other network right, like I don’t know when you click Bank offers, or you know, cpa marketing offers that are ideal right. You have to look at things as like a toolbox right. There is a tool for every situation right, and this is a perfect example of what i’m gonna show you in a second, so we have this funnel map.

We have an overview right and the way you’re gonna promoting right. You’re gonna be basically the best way. In my opinion, there’s. A couple of ways right. Let me show you a couple, so the first way is by creating a YouTube channel that’s, something like this.

So it’s. Gon na be a YouTube channel that teaches people how to build a YouTube channel essentially, and you don’t need to have like all. Obviously it’s, much better. If you have a successful YouTube channel, but you don’t need to have a successful.

You know you just need to have an ability of teaching people how to build the channel very, very quickly right, and so you have here an example – think media right. They’re, really big on teaching people how to build a YouTube channel right.

So they have this five, so they’re. Doing video reviews they’re, doing product reviews. You can ignore that stuff. What you need to be focusing on is stuff like this: how to overcome the fear of being judged on YouTube right.

This is about building how to get your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube in 2025 tips and if you’ve seen one of my previous videos. You understand that I talked about longtail keywords and I’m gonna have a link to that video.

Above so you can kind of learn more about it, but in a nutshell, it means creating videos or creating content. That’s very specific, so not something like how to start a YouTube channel. It ‘ S got to be how to get your first 1000 subscribers and YouTube in 20, 25 tips and so get more views.

5 months notice. Before you shoot your videos right, all of these are essential right how long it takes to get monetized. So when you’re, all of these are ideal for the kind of content you’re gonna create right and and for me this is perfect right.

So, for instance, I have a you know, a rapidly growing YouTube channel. I’m, actually thinking about maybe starting another channel that will teach others on how to have a successful YouTube channel. I mean it’s, one of my ideas.

It’s, one of my plans and that product is gonna, be perfect. Ok, and so this is a good idea. Another kind of channel that is even more applicable to what you wan na do is is buy this guy Nick Nieman right, and he has you, know six hundred and ten thousand subs right and don’t.

Let that don’t. Let that intimidate you right, don’t, be intimidated by that number. We all started from zero, and so he’s, saying get monetize fast, get more YouTube views and subscribers YouTube settings you should know about, and so all these is about growing your YouTube channel right.

That’s. All he talks about, and so this guy is ideal for promoting something like YT supremacy. Okay, it’s ideal. In my example, this is ideal. This is a great product. Actually, this guy has his own YouTube channel where he teaches you different techniques and stuff, so he is legit.

He’s, not like you know it’s, a real person right. It’s, not like some avatar, and you know he has you know it’s, a real name. He’s, legit right. He’s, a top 25 % vendor he’s had two featured or four top 25 % vendor.

He has a quality product and obviously you don’t need to promote this product specific product. I’m. Just showing you where this fits in right, because if I want to start, you know another YouTube channel or a website that teaches people how to promote, I, how to grow their own YouTube channel.

This product is like it’s like the perfect fit right, and if you want to do something else, you can go out and find another product there as well doesn’t really matter. But the point is you’re, not gonna find this on Clickbank, you’re, not gonna find this anywhere else, and so I was already approved.

I can just click on link details and I have a link right here. There’s, a couple of bonus, URLs right. If I want to give our bonuses webhook URLs. That is something else that’s just to get responses back.

If I’m, actually tracking it on my own system, but that’s, not something else, and so all I have to do is basically, you know send out this affiliate link and the way you would do it is you basically start A channel like this right and you would basically create content such as this, so, for instance, I will type how to get more views on YouTube, and so this is a perfect example of a search phrase that you want to target.

Now, if you go back, you see a lot of these search terms right. These are long, long, tail phrases right in 20, 20 new strategies right, you have a lot of these – are the channels and a lot of content ideas, and so, if you want to go down this route, you have the perfect offer, like.

I said you’re, not gonna find this offer anywhere else, but you don’t need to do it. This way right, you don’t need to do this way. You can also talk about funnels right. You can have a channel about funnels, you can have a channel about building an email list, you can have a channel about building traffic right and you’re gonna find a great offer in here right here.

Final offer here is something else, and so, in my opinion, this is important for everybody right. You owe it to yourself to at least come here and basically look at what kind of offers you have right.

So, for instance, we’re gonna go and basically take a look at all the offers here, and you can basically get an idea. The other option is, you can basically start a site that has the same kind of content right, and so you basically go out.

You register the main I recommend using Bluehost, and you should use the link that I have below in the description of the video to get this special deal. It’s, something like three dollars a month four dollars a month and you’re.

Basically, gonna create content right. You’re, basically gonna go on google or, and you know, if you go on Google, I will show you how it works and you just basically type something like this: how to get how to start a YouTube channel.

Okay for kids! Well, you don’t need to and earn money right, so this would be an example of a a piece of content that you’re gonna create how to start a YouTube channel, earn money, and then, if I go back, I Will say full tutorial, writing and the longer the longer the keyphrase, the more words you have, the more specific it is and the better chance for you to be able to rank for it right, and so in this example.

This is kind of what I’m planning on doing. Personally, I haven’t decided yet, but this is something I’m planning on doing and I will easily be able to promote this product, which is ideal for me, and so you can do it in any kind of vertical that you Want using any kind of products, so here’s, funnels right, let’s, go back and take a look.

There’s this there’s, vids expresso and print monkey snatch it. I urge you to take a look at their visitor value and the refund rate you don’t want to be promoting something that has a fairly high refund rate, so one out of six people is asking for a refund that’s Kind of a lot in my book right, so maybe five percent or lower, I think – would be 22 % click and Bank right.

That’s. Almost one yeah. It’s a little bit. It’s like almost one out of four people are asking for a refund and, as you know, if they are asking for a refund, they’re gonna get their money back. You’re, not gon.

Na get that commission, so I don’t know if that would be promoting something like this and so definitely sign up it’s. A lot easier than max bounty in a lot of guards are getting approved for an offer.

It’s, also very, very simple: they’re. Just you know they’re, not very strict about it. They just don’t want to open it to the entire world, all sorts of method to introduce some exclusivity as well right because it’s not like everybody wants to request it right and you’re like okay.

I need to be requested. That means it’s, a good offer and it’s, a legit offer so think about that, and that is kind of what I wanted to talk about it right. I just wanted to show you another method of promoting it.

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