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Lemonade Inc. is obtaining some attention today with its launch of an eCommerce system that practically any person can sell from. The concept is that people can set up “lemonade stands” on social websites like Facebook that offer items from numerous well-known businesses including Apple and also Wal-mart.

My first thought is that this is a very stupid, irritating suggestion. We already need to endure our offline friends trying to sell us overpriced NETWORK MARKETING products and attempting to get us to come to “events” where we are expected to get something. Now, we will encounter the very same thing online.

My question is this– if I intend to buy an iPod, am I truly going to find a friend and buy it from their “lemonade stand”? If I wish to get it at the very best price, wouldn’t I set up my very own lemonade stand as well as buy it from myself?

As annoying as I discover this whole concept, it simply could fly. I locate the whole Facebook thing to be extremely annoying also however obviously most people differ with me.

Certainly, the Lemonade Stand strategy is simply part of a tiny yet growing trend to do retail in the Web 2.0 environment. As well as selling in a Web 2.0 environment sounds a dreadful whole lot like MLM (multi-level advertising). When I began marketing online in 1999, I started by offering ONLINE MARKETING items. We have relocated away from NETWORK MARKETING products for many years, mainly due to the fact that I have pertained to understand that the Web has ended up being a risk to NETWORK MARKETING that is most likely to at some point kill that entire organization model unless it progresses significantly.

Affiliate marketing is an additional concept that is mosting likely to need to advance or pass away. It is merely ending up being a growing number of infeasible for affiliate marketing to work in today’s internet environment. My assumption is that affiliate advertising and marketing is going evolve to an increasing number of resembling Web 2.0.

I anticipate somebody to eventually determine exactly how to market on an Internet 2.0 environment as well as when they do, that will stand for the end of both MLM and associate advertising in their present types. I will be stunned though if the lemonade stand suggestion is the response. It is simply too primitive a principle.

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