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Hey everyone, instagram has yet another huge update this week and that’s, the ability for anyone to create instagram guides, and once you create an instagram guide, it adds a new section on your profile, page on instagram.

So if you’ve, never heard of guides before they’ve been around on instagram but very limited to who could create it, but, starting today, just about everybody on instagram should start getting this access to instagram guides now update your app Wait a few days if you don’t, have it as you’re watching this video.

Basically, what guides are they’re, a long form way to share content on instagram? So, for example, instead of creating one post and sharing that post a guide lets, you put multiple different posts in the same guide, so it’s, a longer form way of sharing content.

You could also do this with things that you sell, so instead of sharing one item in the shop that you sell, you can make a product guide, showing multiple different items in one guide. Let’s jump in here to the instagram app.

So i could show you exactly how to create guides and i think it will become more clear what they are exactly and i’m, also putting a link in the description to a free 30-minute training that i have for people that want to get More followers on instagram, monetize, instagram or use instagram for their business.

I laid it out in that training in just 30 minutes. You’re gonna take a lot of information from that and it’s completely free link in the description below in the instagram app here go to your profile page here and as you can see here, i have a little guide Section, but you wouldn’t, have one if you haven’t created it, so you can’t create a new guide from here, but you could press the plus sign on top and as long as this is available for Your app, you should see a guide on the bottom.

Now you have multiple different things. You could do on the creation page, including guide. Let me click guide here, and there are three different types of guides. There are places products and posts.

I’m, going to show you all three places is going to give you access to search, different places and then choose different posts to share in your guide. So, for example, i’m going to just choose chicago.

This is just based on where i am at that’s, my location, but you could search any place. You want any business, you want that has a location on instagram select that location after you search it, and i could select a couple of different images here for chicago to put a travel guide together, for example.

So i could just scroll down find a couple images. I want to share, and after i select a few here, i could press next. I selected three in my case and you could see this is the guide. It says new guide on top and you could see this first image is the cover image.

You could actually put a title here after the title. It says change cover. If you select this, you could put an image from the post that you have on your page. As the cover of that guide, you could go to the saved section, and these are the saved posts that you have on instagram and you could do from guide.

Those are just the three different ones i selected, so i can make one of these the cover this one’s. Fine, i could say what this guide is about. I could type out more details about it. If i want that one’s optional right now and you could see it says, number one.

This is the first one i chose and if i scroll over, you could see the other ones. I chose – and i could put more details here so that’s, a simple travel guide using the places. I could press next on top here and i could go ahead and share this guide or i could press preview to see what other people are going to see when they look at that guide.

So let me go ahead and press share, because i want to show you where this appears now. If this is the first guide, you’ve created, you’ll, see a new section on your profile, usually next to ig tv, and this is the guide section, and these are the couple of different ones.

I’ve created now, once you create the first one, you could always press the plus sign in this section to create the other ones. So now let’s create a second one. The product guide comes in really really handy because instagram’s, trying to push instagram shopping.

So let me show you how this works. You could search for your own store or someone else’s store. So i’ll. Just choose nike here i’ll search for that and let’s, go ahead and just choose nike running right here and i could choose different products here.

So i’ll choose a shoe here. I’ll. Choose this color and i could select a couple of images from that and you could see now on the bottom. I’m on the product page. I could pull images from my own posts to here or i could go from the shop and it shows me the nike shop, where i could select other images here and pull them to my shop and press next now you can see it just created that, for Me and i could scroll over to all the images and all the different videos that i pulled for this instagram guide same thing again.

You could go ahead and change the cover photo here from your posts from the actual guide it’s, going to show you all the different categories and pictures you could go ahead and title it and then press next on top, so they all work.

The same way, it just gives you access to different parts of instagram pulling from places and now pulling from products. Let me discard this: let’s, go back and let’s, go ahead and press plus, on top this time, go back to guide on the bottom and this time let’s.

Do the post guide, because i think this is the most useful, because with this you could promote multiple posts in one guide that you’ve created. So if on this page i wanted to teach someone filmmaking, i could go ahead and select some of my favorite behind-the-scene filmmaking shots here and let’s say i want these four videos.

I could press next and you could see just like that. It’s created that guide. For me, this one in a different format. Someone will have to slide through these up and down to see all the different ways that this guide is going to teach filmmaking same thing again.

I would go ahead and add the title i could change the cover again. I could choose from my own post or from the guide and the same things apply here this one’s, letting me add a title to every single slide.

I have here so the four i have i could have individual titles on each one and then on top i could add a title to my guide. Each guide has its own title so go ahead and do that change your cover? If you want to and then go ahead and share it and as usual, it will appear here on the guide section, and this is one of the best things i think instagram has done for a long time, because now you could really organize your post just beyond Going on one post at a time and putting entire articles and guides together for people to kind of tell a longer story, i’m gonna really take advantage of this, especially for teaching other people things, because i could put multiple different posts in A long format guide and explain exactly how to do things step by step.

I hope you found this video useful. Please give it a thumbs up and let me know in the comment section what you think of the guides from instagram and i hope to catch you next time. Thanks for watching

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