HOW TO: Online Tutoring Pros, Cons, & Troubleshooting Tips

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Hey everyone. This is the fourth time that I film this video there’s, just been lots of technical difficulties with my video, which is really ironic, because we’re, going to be talking about technical difficulties.

Anyways. If you see differences in things like lighting positioning, you ‘ Ll know if that’s, because I have to do this in several shots, but basically let’s just get into it as of right now what a time it is being.

I hope that you are keeping yourself and your families safe and whenever possible, just staying at home, since the schooling system is changing and teachers of rapidly adapting to the online environment.

I know that a lot of people out there have expressed concerns about their education, slipping through the cracks, moreover, vce and just the general Victorian curriculum is still continuing on no one’s being hold back a year, or at least you know, we don’t want anyone to be held back a year, which means that assessments are still going ahead and if you are in year 12 you’re gonna get your ASA at the end of the year.

So because of this and LSG, we’ve had to make a few important decisions, and one of those is that we ‘ Ve moved all of our private tutoring online starting next Monday. This is for the well-being of our students and their families, and also our tutors, and so I wanted to create this video for our students out there, and then I realize that this would be a really great video for anybody who is looking for online tutoring, whether You’re, a parent with a child who has triggering with another company that’s about to go online.

If you’re, a tutor who’s just about to start, maybe your first online session, then this video is for you. I hope to share with you some advice that I’ve learned over the years that I treated online and I treated exclusively online since 2016.

So I know the benefits that come with online tutoring and I know what a great success it can have for students and I’ve – seen those success stories year after year. So I wholeheartedly believe it when I say that 2020 is a year where online tutoring can definitely live up to the coronavirus test.

You’re, going to get your education and you ‘ Ve got to get it in quality, so let’s. Talk about pros of online tutoring! I’ll talk through some software with you, so you can get familiar with the online tutoring environment.

We’re, going to go through some cons and how to troubleshoot those and how to deal with things like distractions at home. So what are the pros of online tutoring? Of course, the most obvious one is you get to be in the comfort and safety of your own home that currently has a new ring to it, but it’s.

True, I mean you’re, not going out there. You’re, not exposing yourself to the career bias, and but even if this is something that is passed upon, a virus which we will get past there’s, just something really comfortable about being in your own space.

And when you’re more comfortable, you’re, generally more inclined to really open up your discussion with your truth or because you’re, not being restricted by potentially you know that person’s. You mix you at the library listening to what you’re saying, and I want to talk specifically about the subject of English as well.

English is the prime candidate when it comes through online, tutoring, English in any subject, that involves a lot of conversational based discussion. Next, is you save on travel time so, instead of going on top of transport or having your parent Drive you somewhere? It means that you both have this valuable extra time that you can use for something a bit more meaningful, whether that be studying for your sac or if that’s spending time with family or just relaxing, because it is important that you’ve got that down time as well.

In your life, there’s, also minor things that people don ‘ T really think about like how you generally have your textbooks at home, whereas if you’re going out to meet a shooter, sometimes you forget things like your essay at heart, which absolutely sucks – and I know many of my students have done this before So it’s, just something that alleviates that entire problem, let’s.

Take you through what an online session would look like before session. You want to make sure that you have Gmail account Gmail. It is absolutely perfect for online tutoring because you have email access where you and your tutor can send emails to and forth to each other, but also you can upload documents that you can send to one another.

The next thing is that you can use their amazing range of apps, including Google Docs before your session. You also want to send through to your tutor anything that you want them to look through with you.

If you had written an essay, which is absolutely fine, take a photo of it and send that, through to your tutor, your trio will still be able to review. It then make edits with you online if it’s. Your first time you’ll, want to drop on at least ten minutes early, just to make sure that you get everything set up.

Okay for video and audio software. There are plenty for you to choose from and it’s really up to you. What you prefer or your tutor will recommend you a software. So don’t worry you’re, not in this all by yourself.

My personal favorite, which I don’t typically see of many people using, but I personally really like is called where be, I think it’s called where be, or maybe it’s called, whereby the really great thing about Where B is that your tutor can just send you a link and you can hop on without downloading any apps or without creating an account either.

I find this one to be particularly accessible for students or, if you’re, a parent setting things up for your child, then this one is super super easy. Otherwise, you’ve, probably heard about Skype. Google Hangouts slack.

These all offer video and audio options. They all have their little unique points. Make sure you just have a chat with your trainer and it’s, just experiment with the different software’s. So now we ‘

Ve got a snapshot of the video and audio software. Let’s, have a look at the apps. You would use to actually be on the same page. My four one go through is Google Docs and I ‘ Ve, never really had to use anything else, because Google Docs just never fails.

It is an absolute awesome when you’re using Google Docs. The amazing thing is that you can both share the same document with each other and when you land on the page, you can actually see each other’s names you type, so there’s.

None of this oh wait, which part? Are you looking at because you know exactly where the other person is at when the shooter is reading something out loud? They can always highlight the text and you can follow through really easily.

The amazing thing about Google Docs is that you ‘ Ve got suggestions as editing as well so for the shooters, instead of just as leaving all the work that you’ve done, they can just go ahead and click suggesting and type in their edits, and you’ll.

Be able to see that it’s in a different color and still seeing your old written work. Now let’s. Look at the cons of online tutoring. Of course, everyone has hesitations when it comes to online tutoring and it’s, really something that I’ve felt from my own personal experience that once you try it for the first time, you realize that it’s.

Not quite as bad as you thought, it would be, and majority of the students who I’ve, seen, who start on online tutoring actually want to continue online tutoring, rather than go back to in-person, just because they have experienced those benefits that I just Mentioned before, but of course there are other things you need to consider, whether that be distractions at home, whether it be technical difficulties or if it’s, a subject that doesn’t lend itself as well as English subjects through online tutoring.

But of course again there’s. Software available out there to help you with this, especially in 2020. So long as you’ve got some tactics up your sleeve, which I ‘ Ll teach you now you should be okay.

First, one is: when your visual doesn’t work, you can either just shut down your computer or shut down the app and just restart it again to see. Sometimes you might need to go into your settings to allow the camera access to you and that should fix up the problem.

If it doesn’t, you and your tutor can jump onto with different software any of the ones that I mentioned previously. Otherwise, in the worst case scenario, you can always have two different software’s open at the same time, Skype and Google Hangouts both work at the same time and let’s just say if, for some reason and you don’t understand why Skype isn’t connecting you to your camera.

You could open Google hangout and that will allow the camera option to be open audio. So when you can’t hear it’s. Sort of the same deal you want to switch on and off your app or your computer change up your settings.

Now. When that all fails, my favorite one is just to give the other person a phone call. Phone calls are always working there if anything, more crisp and clear than internet connection. So I actually personally just really like calling my students on these at the start of every lesson anyway, just to counteract any potential internet cut offs later down the track.

You know your session might start off really well, but then halfway through let’s say your brother just decides to download a massive movie and your internet just becomes really slow. You ‘ Ve always got that phone call that’s ongoing and it’s, not gonna cut out on you.

These are the main troubleshooting tips and I think that if you’ve got these under your sleeve. You should have a pretty straightforward session, at least a study guys we’ve, been adapting to the current environment, and so right now we know that a lot of people are looking for extra support.

So if you’re someone who’s interested in online tutoring with us, then you know that you can entrust us, because our tutors have so much experience with online tutoring. Right now, we’re, offering all new students a free how to write a killer language analysis ebook as well, which is what you guys are going to be studying in term through.

So it’s perfect for this period of time. We want to make sure that your education, doesn’t slip through the cracks, as all of these disruptions are happening right now. So if you’re interested, I’ll, make sure to link our private tutoring up above for you, you can always give us a call.

You’ll, be able to chat to someone who’s. Our amazing manager she’ll, be able to tell you everything you need to know about Lisa study guys and what we do here, recommend you an amazing shooter and yes, I would give first session, there are no contracts or you can always see how You go.

We always ask your feedback after the first session so that we know what we can improve on and also what you enjoyed as well. We’ve, had amazing feedback from parents and students, so I invite you just to reach out, especially if you’re, considering tutoring as an option.

I hope you guys are keeping healthy and just note that LSG we’re. Doing everything we can right now to get out as many resources as we can to support our students thanks guys, bye, [, Music, ]

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