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Instagram Ads Guide For Beginners

1 billion monthly active users on Instagram, I’m gonna show you how you can tap the right ones to become your customers and clients. What is up everyone Chang Sharma here in this video I’m gonna show you how you can create Instagram ads aka sponsored posts.

This video is for beginners. So if you have never created Instagram ads this videos, for you so make sure to save this video and share it with your friends who ever want to learn Instagram ads – and you can refer to this video again and again alright.

So there are two ways to create Instagram ads. The first one is to Facebook, Ads manager, Facebook and Instagram are same company, so you can create Instagram ads through Facebook, Ads manager as well, and the second way is through your Instagram app.

Now the Facebook ad manager way has a lot more options and is a bit more advanced, because you can create a lot of different ads. You can create ads for Facebook for messenger, for Instagram ads for audience network on Facebook, and so it has a lot of options and the other way the Instagram app way is more beginners friendly.

So because this is a beginners friendly tutorial, they’re. Going to use the second way, which is through your Instagram app, so that means, if you follow this tutorial, you don’t, really need a laptop to create Instagram ads.

You just need your phone, so we’re, just gonna use. Our smartphone to create Instagram ads now you need to have a business account to create Instagram ads. So if you have a private account or personal account, nope you won’t, be able to create Instagram ads through those accounts.

You need to convert your account into a business account, so the number one step is to convert your Instagram account into a business account which I’m. Gon na show you right now, so we’re gonna grab our phone, and we’re gonna go to Instagram.

Oh wow, a nice picture, cool, okay yeah. So this is my account. Okay and my account is already a business account, and then we have a business account. You have more features like you get to know how many people visited your profile in the past seven days.

You get to see all the insights off your posts, which are very valuable if you’re using Instagram for business right. So, first of all, we’re gonna go to a different account that I just made. For the sake of this tutorial, this is a personal account, and this is you know, a fresh Instagram account, just like your personal or private account might be it’s, not a business account, and I’m gonna show you how To convert it into a business account so right now I’m on an Android device, but this whole tutorial is similar for iOS devices as well, because there’s, not a lot of difference really.

So what you got ta do. Is you got ta, go to your settings and then you’re gonna scroll down and need to find the option called switch to business account. So we’re gonna tap that option. Then we’re, just gonna tap continue and we’re gonna select a category for our business account, so your business could be anything right.

So let’s say you’re a product or service, and we’re gonna say next. Then we’re, going to add our contact number and we’re gonna, say next and then we need to connect our Instagram account with our Facebook page right.

So we’re gonna click on choose page. We’re gonna select Facebook, we’re gonna tap on grant access, and then we’re. Just gonna select the page that we want to select or we can create a new one, and then we will just enter the title of the page and then we will select the category and then we’ll, just tap on done all right.

So we’re done. Congratulations again. I’m stupid. This really can’t. Okay. So now our account is a business account. So we’re gonna tap on, go to profile, and so now you can see that our account as a business account.

It shows product or service below our name. It shows a call to action button and it will have different features that you get to the business camp right. So now I’m gonna go to my main profile, which is already a business account, and now we’re gonna see that how we can promote a post and a story through a business account right.

So once you have a business account and you have posts and you have stories right so let’s say I want to promote this post. Okay. So what I’m gonna do. Is I’m gonna tap on promote button, and I’m gonna adapt Facebook and I’m going to tap the grant access now we have four options and these are four different types of call to action.

Buttons right so first, one is your profile. Second, is your website? Third, is your storefront and the fourth one is your direct messages. Now all these four different call to action buttons are beneficial for four different types of businesses, and you need to see that what kind of business is yours and what kind of option will be more beneficial for you.

For example, let’s say that you’re, a fashion model. Maybe you want more people to visit your profile so that they into your portfolio or let us suppose that you are a fitness expert and you’re, giving away a free ebook.

Then you can send people to your website to a landing page. Tell them to sign up with your and claim their free ebook. That way you can collect leads, or maybe you’re, a restaurant. You want people to come to your restaurant and claim their coupons and discounts that you’re, giving to Instagram ads.

So you can select your storefront option or maybe you’re, a consultant or a real estate agent. Who does high-end deals? So before you do a deal, you probably need to talk to people right, so you just put them in direct messages and they message you first to chat and then you, you know, move the deal further.

So let’s, suppose that this ugly mean has turned into a handsome hunk, and I am a fashion model. So I’m gonna tap on your profile option. I’m gonna send more people to my profile. So that they can check out me – and you know whatever so I’m gonna go next and then there is select target audience now.

This is the major portion. This is the audience that you are going to target right. So if you’re, a pizza brand, you’re gonna target. You know maybe other major pizza brands like people who are interested in pizza or Domino’s and stuff like that so default option right now is automatic.

Now, what automatic means is that Instagram is gonna automatically target people based on what Instagram thinks is right, and this option is something that I will not recommend you, because you’re, essentially giving Instagram all the authority to do whatever they want to Do with your ad and money right, and that is kind of not so cool, so what I recommend is that you create your own audience.

So how do you do it? Is you don’t want to create your audience now over. Here we have three options. Of course, the first one is to set name which we’re, going to do it end and the second option is locations.

So you can show your ads in different cities, different countries, different states and different parts of the world. No man where your businesses, let us say that you are in India, and you want to show your ad in the United Kingdom.

So you just tap on United Kingdom and while sitting in India like me, you can show their ads in the United Kingdom and if you’re, let’s, say a freelance graphic designer. You can get clients from the United Kingdom right or let’s say that your up kids, a brand in Chandigarh.

So where I live, I didn’t Chandigarh. So let’s say I’m Pizza brand locally over here. So I’m gonna show my ad in Chandigarh Chandigarh, India. There you go and if I want to go more specific to my location, I just tap on local and then from my current location or my business location.

I can show a specific ads within my business location radius. So let’s say I’m in a specific street and I want to show the ad all these people who are in one mile radius, so I can do that. So, for the sake of this tutorial, let’s.

Just select Chandigarh and we are going to tap. Ok, then we’re gonna go an interest. So let’s say we’re, a pizza brand right. So what we can target is Domino’s there. You go Domino’s, Pizza, India. What else we can target is Pizza Hut.

We can target Domino’s, Pizza app. So we have these three targets and we’re gonna tap. Ok, then we can go to age and gender, so we’re gonna select age and gender begins like one. So let’s say I’m doing some cosmetic products.

Maybe I just want to show my ad to females, or maybe I’m – doing same cosmetic products, but now my ad creative is all about gifting it to your girlfriend or wife. Then I can show that ad to only males right, so that’s, how it works so, for this is an example.

We’re just targeting people who are interested in pizza because, like pizza, you, like pizza, everyone likes pizza. So we’re, just gonna make it for both male and female, but maybe older people do not want a lot of pizza.

Let’s. Suppose I’m, not sure if they want it or not. So we’re gonna go to let’s, say up to 40 and let’s say if you have a bit of luxurious pizzas, which very little teenagers won’t be able to afford. So we’re gonna, do it till 20 years old, okay, so we are targeting people who are from 20 to 40 year old and both male and female.

We’re gonna tap on OK. Now we’re gonna name our audience, and this is a really important step because people name their audience like whatever they want name right, but I would recommend that your name, your audience really.

Well, so you can know what an audience is. All about just by reading their name right, so we’re gonna name our audience. So what I like to do is I like to put a country code, so you’re targeting India.

If you want to be more specific, let’s, say sietch, so we’re targeting Chandigarh in India, and then I’m gonna type, an interest with the pizza it Pizza Hut and with the Domino’S Pizza now this is for your own reference right.

You can do it whatever you want, you can have a different format. You can create your own format. The point is that you should be able to understand that what an audience is all about just by reading their names, so that then you have like 10, 20 or more audience.

You can just read their names and you can know what it & #. 39 s. All about now is what I like to do is put their age 20 to 40, and then, if they were only female, I would put F if they were only male, I would put em, but they’re, both so up with nothing.

So this is kind of the format I like to put it in now. You can put it in whatever you want and once you’ve done it. We just tap on next, so we select the audience and you have all the audience that you can create over here.

You select the onions that you want to select for this advertisement and then you select next, then you select your budget right. So let’s say you have a thousand rupees. Now what I don’t recommend, you is, do not spend the whole money in one or two days.

You know give it at least three days, but try to give it five, seven or more days like make your budget evenly spread out on different days, because that will insure you that if your ad failed, it was a bad ad or a bad targeting.

Not just a bad day, so let’s. Suppose you have a thousand rupees. I will just split it in five days: 200 rupees daily. You can have your budget more or less, depending on what your pocket allows, but the point is spread it over.

Some days so that you know how it’s performing on different days, okay, so it’s. Gon na show, you estimate reach on how many people it is estimated to reach within your budget. So for us it’s. Reaching 6,000 to 16,000, now it doesn’t mean that if you will spend a thousand rupees it’s, gonna reach 6,000 to 16,000.

Always it depends on location. It depends on the interest you’re targeting and the age and gender that you’re targeting. So maybe, if I was targeting somewhere, let’s say Los Angeles, California. This would have not been these many people right.

It would have been less because it’s more expensive to buy ads in the United States and specially in California, and because I’m targeting in India, I’m, reaching a lot more people for less money. So that depends on location to location.

Now I’m targeting pizza, so it is a really broad interest. So I’m reaching a lot of people. If you were targeting smaller interest, you will reach smaller amount of people. So once you’ve selected your budget, you just go to the next and then over here you just complete your payment and your ad will be started.

So I’m. Not going to start this ad, I’m, not gonna put my foolish picture in front people who are interested pizza stupid. So I’m. Just gonna go back back back back back, so this was how you create an Instagram sponsored post or an Instagram post that, whatever you want to say right now, we’re gonna see how to create a story ad.

So, first of all, we’re gonna create a story. So there you go alright. So there is ugly me and now the condition for doing a story ad is you should not have any capital objects within the story? So what are capable objects? Let’s say if I could.

If I mentioned somebody, let’s say I mentioned myself because you’re narcissist. So this is my username is a capable object right. Somebody’s gonna tap in here, and then they can visit my profile. So it’s, a capital object, and if your story has a capable object, it’s not eligible to be promoted on Instagram.

So you should not have any tactical objects, it should be just a plain picture or a video. A video can be 15 seconds long and you can promote it now. The swipe up option is available. If you have 10,000 subscribers, but it’s also.

Will go in promoted stories, so you can have a swipe up option as well. I’ll. Show you just in a moment. So, first of all, what you got to do is you got to post your story and I don’t want to post this story.

So what I’m gonna do. Is I’m just gonna? Well, hide my face and post a blank story cool. So now we have a blank story right and now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go to our story and we’re gonna tap this option, and this option is used to promote Your story again, this option is not available in personal or private accounts.

Only in business accounts now story has three different options. You can again make people insert a profile to your website or to direct messages. So let’s, say you tap on your site. Now the website that you will put in here it will come as a swipe up option so just type in any website that you have let’s just type in youtube.

com, and then you can select any option that you want. Let’s, select, watch more much more and then just do okay, and then we’re gonna do next. Now, again, there is targeting option it’s, the same procedure as we had in our story post now.

Here comes the good part about the naming system that I just explained. You now fit the name. I know that what this handset is all about. So I’m. Just gonna select this target audience and I’m gonna go next and then again I can select the budget and I ‘

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