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Oh, it takes years before you can earn any money and that’s simply not true. I never really see anyone talking about shop stock collective. So let me hop over here really quick, so shelf stock collective.

Is it’s, a collective? It’s, a kind of a hub where multiple merchants allow us to use links to their products and put them in our blog post, put them on Instagram Pinterest whatever, and so you get paid each month after you’ve reached a Threshold of a hundred dollars – and so I just got paid out, and so now I’m.

You know starting over, and so let me show you a few places. So you know I had mentioned this in one of my discussions about you know a lot of people, kind of rush to jump into Amazon or a few other affiliates, and then they don’t really see a return on it right away and they Get discouraged well, you have to remember with Amazon you’re only gonna get paid if someone actually makes a purchase, and just so you know, Amazon’s, cookies 24 hours, so you know the chances of them actually being in the Shopping mood when they’re on your page is pretty low.

There are some bloggers who do really really well with it, but usually those are bloggers who have a huge following, or they have a very loyal audience. You know there’s. Some mommy bloggers that do really well with it, but they have a very loyal and committed audience that are really going to pay attention to what they’re recommending.

So it’s. Gon na. Take you a bit to get to that point, so we shop stock, collective. It kind of you know the same way. Let me open up another link over here. Instead of hyperlinking your text with a mess here with your Amazon links, you can do the same exact thing by hyperlinking a word but using a shop style, collective link, so shop stock collective.

What are some of the merchants? So there’s. A lot of clothing merchants, a lot of boutiques and things like that, but you also have Etsy, which you know you can literally find anything on. Etsy Target JCPenney, Macy’s Nordstrom! Those are all affiliate, or I should say merchants that are inside the shops, all collective.

So just think I mean when you go to Target, what can you buy there? Literally, you could buy almost anything so where I’m talking about stun guns and cell phone cases, the cell phone case you see is hyperlinked and that is linked to probably an Etsy store that sells fancy cases.

I’m, not going to click on it. Like I’ve said before don’t click on your own links, but keychain. You know the same way that you would use a word inside your blog post and hyperlink it to whether it’s, Amazon or whatever program you’re.

You’re using just replace it with a shop style link, and so every time someone clicks on this – and this is the reason you make it a different color, because people naturally have that shiny thing mentality.

So if it’s, a different color, they’re, going to be inclined to click on it to see what it is, and so every time they click on it, you’re gonna earn. You know three to five cents, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but the more traffic you get to your page, the more clicks that is really gonna add up and so another way that you can use it aside from in text.

Links are to create these really cool, what we call widgets, and so these are actually from Etsy. I created this widget with just different shirts and there’s, actually a couple of rows of it here, and so you can make these from literally store that in an indica, P combination of stores and I’ll – show you how to Do that in a separate video, but this here this is another thing, so I have in text links I have widgets and by the way you can use a widget either on your sidebar or you can use it in your post as well, and so I’ve seen a lot of blogs that do these widget things using Amazon and honestly, you know, Amazon links are not that pretty, because it has a whole yellow box around it.

You know saying that it’s from Amazon. This looks much cleaner. Much nicer less salesy, and so this is a better option and again every time someone clicks on any of these, you’re gonna earn, whereas with Amazon you’re only gonna make money if they actually make a purchase.

Another way is to create an image, so i’ve girlboss finance and budget resources and when they click on this, it actually goes to a page on etsy of all sorts of budgeting templates that they can download.

Some are phrase are paid, but it’s, actually a bunch of different ones for them to choose from and so again anytime. Someone clicks on this. I’m earning a few cents. I do have Amazon in here as an alternative.

You know again, people do shop on Amazon, but depending on what your blog post is about, you know I want to make sure I have different options. So if they didn’t see anything up here that they like, then they can always come down here, and you know see that there’s additional options for them through Amazon.

My this folks does really well because well, everyone loves journals. Whether it’s for themselves as a blogger or like these here are some for teens and young girls, so this post is actually really really well, and so let me see here and then you can also I don’t.

Do it very often, but you can also use SHOP style, links in your email marketing. You know if you’re recommending things you can hyperlink the text and the email or you know images the same as I’ve done here.

So let’s. Hop over here really quick. I said I’d, do it in a different video, but I’ll just do it here really really quick. So how do you make a widget? So basically, you’re gonna log in your and I do have some other videos on how to use or get your links from shelves on collective, but really quick.

You’ll simply hit create. I just want to show you how easy it is create and we’re gonna create a widget, and then you’re gonna come in here, and you’re. Just gonna find the products that you want. So I’m, just gonna go in here and do target home and see what comes up so let’s say I was going to you know what let’s.

Not do that! Let’s. Do um purses it’ll, be easier say I was writing about. You know. Girl boss, on a budget is what my post was about, and so here once I type in purse, is gonna. Have all these in you’re like well that’s, not really budget shopping there? No! But if I come over here I can actually sort them, and so I’ll go lowest to highest, and so some of these at this end, aren’t that cute, but as you scroll through, they do get better.

Let’s, keep scrolling here alright, so here we go. These are some fancy little over-the-shoulder kind of things there’s, even probably some clutches in here, and so if this is what my post or what I wanted the widget for.

Actually, I’m gonna do teen girl, boss ideas or you know, cute purses for girls. Let’s. Let’s. Go with that cute purses for girls, so all you have to do is click on it. Add two widget and a widget add, and we go with penguins all right, so I have six of them here.

We’ll, go next and then from here is where you adjust how the widgets going to look. So I’m gonna leave the price, because this is a budget, so I want them to know that it’s, that the price is low for them, and now I want to do columns.

I’m gonna. Do two rows: let’s. Do three rows. All they ‘ Ll do okay! So this is I’m making this one for an in post widget, so one that will look like this all right. So three were three and three: that’s, pretty good.

You have to play around with this to see how it’s gonna fit on your template. You know I have my templates with the sidebar. Some people have a full screen. It just really depends so you’ll want to adjust this.

I go down to about 160 so that it doesn’t. Take up too much space for me. 160 makes it kind of perfect if I left it at 200. Sometimes it cuts off the last one, so you just have to play around to see what actually fits in your space, and so you can also adjust this here.

You can take off the brand if you wanted. I just leave it at that or, if you just want it to show when they hover over it, it just really depends on what you’re wanting all right, so you hit publish, and now it gives you this code here, and so you would Simply copy that – and I’m – not going to do it on my post, I don’t want to mess it up, but so you know you’ve done your typing blah blah blah.

Hopefully you’re, not typing blah, blah blah and so to enter your code wherever you want it in between paragraphs or whatever. You simply come over here to the text tab and you’re gonna paste. It right there and now, when you come over here, it’s.

Gon na be a little box that shows where it ends. So any new text that you add needs to be added underneath this box, and then you can preview it to see how it’s going to show up – and this is where you decide if you needed to.

Actually, you know change the pixels on it, and so there you go. That is how you add one of those widgets to it, and the same concept would apply if you’re, doing it to your sidebar again, you would make it.

You know the pixels a little smaller for sidebar. Instead of having two rows. Let’s. Go back here, two rows. I would probably do two columns three rows like I have here with my shirts, and so it gives you the ability to scroll over, but you’d, really only want a single column here, and so you would update it just save to that and Then again, this code, where you go in to add your sidebars, which I am assuming with this tutorial, that you know how to add stuff to your sidebar, which is from here.

So you’d, open it up, create a widget and then just paste. The code into that and then there it would pop up and so the great thing about this. If a product is out of out of stock or let’s, say you wanted to change it up a little bit like what products you have on it.

Just go back home here. Really quick! Go to my widgets that I have you can check your sold out products here and we’ll just go on this one here, click on it and it’s. Gon na tell me that the Kate Spade is actually out of stock.

So I could just click on this. One here hit replace and it’s. Gon na replace it I don’t have to go in and adjust the code in here anywhere. Once I updated in shops, I collected it but automatically updates it, so it makes it really really simple.

So that is it. I hope that made sense for you. I do have a few other video showing how to grab them for your blog post. So I’ll share these together, so that you have all of the information, but again in text links in tech or in post, widgets, sidebar, widgets or sidebar clickable images that lead to something.

And so just so, you could see what I was talking about here on Etsy, so you’ll know what comes up budget its printables, so you could have the link go to a very specific item, but when you click on that link on my Sidebar, it goes to basically the results page on Etsy, so they have multiple options of budget templates to look at, and so Etsy is great.

You can find anything on Etsy so, regardless of what your niche is, if you’re, doing mommy stuff pets travel, you know, finance whatever I mean there’s, gonna, be something on here for you, so that’s.

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