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What is that party people about a miss Darrow, and today I’m, going to be doing a review on the website called green geeks calm. Now I recently had a web hosting competition and green geeks asked performed on the top three list against sixteen different way, posing companies, so they perform among the best.

Now, if you do decide to purchase green geeks, there is a link below it’s. A feel link, so I do make a commission, but if you don’t that’s, that’s. Okay, you know I won’t. I will hate you, but first let’s.

Talk about their pricing, we’ll talk about their plans and we’ll, go ahead and show you those results of how they beat fifteen different other competitors. Well, very surprised! So right here let’s, go and take a look at their plans right here I’m just gonna.

Let me go and get my free domain right here. Wow, look at that! Someone actually bought that domain like that is who buys that domain. That is crazy. Let’s, see if someone’s like that. Okay, there we go.

I were good, so Greeks calm their base off like renewable energy. They have 24-hour customer support and their plows are among some of the cheapest plans. So looking at their plans right here, you know for you want to play.

For a year, you’re gonna pay like five dollars and 95 cents per month. Now they do have a three year plan, which you’re, paying three dollars and ninety five cents a month, and I think I have a coupon code.

It will be in the description below if I have one, but you do also get free. Ssl’s, you get free domains as well, they have 24-hour customer support, they offer VPS cloud shared and dedicated hosting, and they also offer 30-day money-back.

So if you’re, not happy about green geeks or you’re, just not working out for you, you do receive a 30-day money-back guarantee. Now. First, let’s. Talk about the results that I had with green geeks. So I actually performed this web hosting competition, and I was very surprised about the performance about green geeks.

They perform among the best, in fact they were a little faster than psych round, even though a psych round is my official recommended hosting. So here you can see that they’re average low speed around 2.

7 seconds with their server response time at around 2.4 seconds. Now you want to compare this to, let’s, go ahead and take a look at Hostgator com. So here are the results from Hostgator.

Now again remember. I compared all these hosting companies for 30 days to provide like truthful, accurate, non, biased results, and here we can kind of see in motion hosting as well. Their load speed was around 4.

9 seconds companies like GoDaddy as well, three point eight seconds, but when you look at green geeks calm, they perform the best from around 30 days. So they are. I do officially recommend them as a web hosting company.

They’re great, their speeds are amazing, and if you’re looking for web hosting and you want to switch to a different provider, I would highly recommend going with green geeks here. My top three hosting companies are green, geeks psych round and named here calm because of their speeds and their support.

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