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That way, if we have to fix errors in them, it’s, easy for us to do without you having to reinstall software so download the contents yeah even on a slow connection should not take very long simply because the files are not that large.

That you’re downloading, so give it just a couple minutes: ok and you will be forwarded in five seconds or you can click below alright. So there we go, there is your page and what we’ll do. Is we’ll cover the basics here, just using well edit the content and simply edit the content? You’ll notice that the product name and all that you simply enter in your text and you don’t want to enter in long strings of text.

This is a a squeeze page and short to the point and get the person’s, email address and send them the product that you promised. So basically that’s it. So what you do is you fill in the areas here. Keep on going and we’ll cover here a little bit more in depth.

Ok, the image header, obviously is. If you put an image in the header here – and you will, of course you should – you can actually make it where it’s, not full-color or you know it’s actually see through a little bit gets a little glider, and if You play around with this.

You will see how that works. Alright – and you know, all you got to do is – is go through it and set it the way you want it here and when you get to the end here in just a second, you’ll, see that you can view it if it’s, not what you like.

Do it again? Ok same thing here we can put an overlay color over an image, and in this case we have chosen this. This greenish color right here and the content background, is where your text is here and you can make it a different, color or actually a little bit darker.

So your text shows up very good. What we’ll do is, is we’ll make it? I’m gonna move the slider up here, a little bit make it darker, and you’ll, see what I’m talking about there and there’s. Your your header text, color your footer text and your paragraph text.

I mean that’s, that’s, just basically picking the colors. For that alright and footer background. You want to make sure that your footer background is a dark color. If your paragraph text is a light color I mean it’s, it’s that simple, okay – and here we are here – is your opt-in form code provided by your autoresponder company.

The text below is just self-explanatory, not much to it all. Right now, you can put an extra footer script and people use this, for you know, keeping tracking visitors and such be updated. You’ll notice that this got darker.

Okay, let me just go back real, quick and give you an idea, see the the green color here, the darker color. Here, let’s. Just go back one more time. Okay, so we’ll. Do here is we’ll change this to a totally different color? Let’s, go with a blue there.

You go the content background. Let’s, go with a let’s. Just go with up like a red, so you’ll, be able to see what I’m talking about here and that’s good, but just change it change it update. You know she changed now.

I’m, not a fan of those colors, but this is where an example to give you an idea of what it will do and that’s, a pretty good example of it matter of fact that might be attention-getting all right. So this is your footer background.

This is black and there’s, your footer text, okay, and so now let’s. Go to the header image self-explanatory. You browse for an image and you upload it and it appears in the background here. I’m, not gonna go through that.

It’s. Pretty self-explanatory. There you did want to chart, you know with choose. Excuse me choose a fairly large image. You know like minimum 1200 pixels width, but we’ll, be covering the background.

Sometimes I choose 12. Sometimes let’s use a 1900 with, but you want to keep it as small as possible people. Not everyone has blazing fast internet. You would think they do, but they some don’t alright, and that’s really about it.

I mean there’s, nothing more to this, and when you get ready to download it, you simply download it to your hard drive. It’ll, be in a zip format, and if you use like a hosting service with cPanel, you can actually upload the zip and extract it that way or you can extract it on your hard drive and uploaded FTP.

However, you normally do that. Okay and that that covers using one of the techs squeezed and as far as the actual video squeeze pages, so you have to download setup files. Let me do that standby, okay, I paused it.

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