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Before we start, i’ll. Just do a quick, um schematic. I think this is the word schematic or an outline of what we’re, going to talk about um. First of all, because we’re, making a free, um squeeze page so bear with me.

I’m marketing with my mouse, so uh free squeeze page. This is sketch part, which is quite a good little thing to um. Sketch things out. You can save it into loads of things, so free squeeze page um. So the first thing we can do give it up.

The first thing we’re going to do. Is we’re, going to going to create a free account on a weber? Now you may already have a weber you may not. Aweber is an autoresponder where you can collect emails and you can send messages out to that list.

It’s, a paid for one, obviously um. You can pay for it because there’s, a pro version, which you know i suggest you do once you get going there’s, also a free one, because everything we do today is going to be free.

Obviously, you can do more in the pro one, but the free one is all you need to begin with. So we’ll create a free one and you’ll go through that and it’ll. Give you a list. So you ‘ Ll have a list that you can set up once we’ve done the list.

I will then show you where you can build your own squeeze page squeeze page for free in aweber. We use their templates. We’ll. Do it a simple little one, no need to be complicated at this stage. What i found is the simpler.

It is, the better, the less distractions for the person the better. So all you want to do really on a squeeze page is put their email address in and that’s. It you don’t want anything else to distract them from putting in their data, so aweber account for free within aweber.

We’ll, do our squeeze page and i’ll show you, then, how that links to i’ve just created a gmail account. Okay, we’ll test, the squeeze page it links to gmail. So it might be my test one. You can do what you want email you want with that one and then just show you how you know it links, so you can start building your list.

Then building your list using a free, aweber account and a free squeeze page account. Okay, obviously, we’re. Doing everything for free. Today there’s. No money needed you. Don’t need any money. You don’t need any dollars.

You don’t need any pounds. You don’t need any euros. Everything we do is free. Obviously you can’t pay for aweber. Once you get going. I suggest you do. Okay, that’s. What we’re, going to be doing it’s, going to be a free squeeze page builder.

We don’t need to spend any money today. Once you get your emails and you start promoting and you make a bit of money, then you can upgrade we don ‘ T need to upgrade leave your credit card at home, so the first thing you need to do is go into aweber, so you will see in a weber this get aweber for free, so click on that okay, fill in your first name last name normal stuff, create Your account don’t bother paying unless you want to, i mean you, can pay luck, but there’s, a free one.

So we don’t need to at the moment you will in the end. You know you will, in the end, need to because you’re getting bigger, but for now just create your free aweber account. It’ll then set up your first list.

Okay, it ‘ Ll set up your first list, so here we are inside a weber. Once you’ve set up your free account. Don’t pay for it, set up the free one as you do that it will set up a list for you. So mine just called morgan lewis list, so you’ll, have whatever you named yours notice, upgrade right.

We don’t need to upgrade. Obviously you can review it if you want to upgrade and make gopro it’s up to you. So once you’ve got your list. I would just do a couple of things: click on list options just to show you a couple of things list settings, so you shouldn’t have too much difference to what i’ve got um plus you can name that what you Want you can change this if you want to um that’s, my address email address, so contact address.

You can put that in they see that at the bottom. So put your address in okay, so you shouldn’t need to change too much there. This one, we haven’t got a website, so you really needed a website at the moment.

So leave that blank. Obviously, if you’ve got a website put it in, but you don’t need the website at the moment. Um skip some of this. You can have a look at that if you want to, but we don’t need to at the moment confirmation message: when people sign up to your form, they will get an email confirming they want to sign up.

So it’s. A double opt-in, so unless they opt-in, they won’t be signed up. So this is the message they’ll get now you can change this. If you want to i don’t bother because we’re in the free account. Okay, we can’t disable this okay.

It sends out an email confirming that the person who’s put the email address in is the person, and they want to sign up to your list in the pro when you upgrade, you can ask aweber to stop that double opt-in there’s other ways of getting around that, but for now leave it as it is you don’t need to change it because we don’t that’s.

The basic settings it’ll, be the same for you: okay, save all settings. So now we’ve got our aweber account our autoresponder, we ‘ Ve got our first list. Okay, so we need to add subscribers at the moment.

This list, shouldn’t, have any subscribers because it’s new okay, so we’re, going to create a squeeze page now to add people to this list. Once people have been added to this list, we can market them with goods and services, clickbank stuff, affiliate, marketing stuff anything you want as long as it’s relevant to what they want.

So you can subscribe, get people to subscribe. You can then market other products to these people for as long as they subscribe or until they buy forever really so it’s, a very good thing to have an email list, but in order to get to get people onto this list, we need To have a landing page, there’s.

Another word for squeeze page okay. It’s. Another word for squeeze page. It’s, just a page where people enter their email address; click on that because there’s. Three ones on here we’ll use their ones.

Okay, so start building a landing page here create a landing page. Okay, now a landing page is the same as a squeeze page, so it’s. The same thing: click on create landing page, okay, choose a template.

Now there are other things out there that you could use, but we’re in aweber and we want a free one. You can pick which one you want. I would suggest you use a simple one, because all we want we don’t want them to get distracted.

We just want a simple one: simple sign up, no way, never way, never way. Remember that simple sign up, so we ‘ Ll. Choose this or we want a simple one now, what i would suggest you do is you know, change a couple of these things.

I’m, not going to do too much, but you can muck about with all of this. Okay, simple, as you want now, what i suggest you do is as well to like tempt them to give them a bit of a taster to sign up to put their email address in it’s, always good to sort of give them a free Lead like a pdf or a free video, because if you’re, you know using affiliate marketing.

You may have a free video that you can show them it’s, always good to have something to give them for free. Okay. So in this squeeze page, i’m, going to link them to a free video. So all we do is so we can say something like something like free video on how to make money online.

Something like that free video on how to make money online. Obviously you can make it back with this get my drift, how to make money online or free pdf or depending on what you want it for a free report on how to train your dog free video.

On how to make make money online um enter details now or something like that. You know some people think you have one line. Some people think you have two lines, but so free video on how to make money online enter details.

Now try try to catch their. You know catch their eye so free we could do this. We could make this props different color make it bigger it’s up to you, perhaps not because it’s a bit too big. Now so let’s.

Just stick to 36. free video on how to make money online enter details now. Okay, do me for now so obviously, when they put the name and email address in and it links to your follow-up, there’ll, be a free video for them.

To look at and then we’ll change this here, so we could say something like this enter your best email address. Um enter your best email address below, and you will receive a free video on how you on how you can make money online without a website.

Something like that. Don’t. Do too much. You want it to be simple, enter your past even address below, and you will receive a free video on how you can make money online without a website straight to the point.

No mucking about, obviously make it a bit bigger. Perhaps let’s, make it a bit bigger um! Let’s, make it a bit bigger, so you make different color make a different color. If you want to – or we just make it bigger 28 enter your best email address below and you will receive a free video on how you can make money online without website um change the color of this again.

Perhaps i should make it a bit mix bold. If you want to you catch my drift and make it bold, so they come to this page, they go free video on how to make money online yeah. I want one of them enter your best email address below, and you will receive a free video on how you can make money online, something like that or whatever you’re doing.

Obviously, when they put their email address in you need to send them. The free video or the free pdf or the free coaching session. So now we’ll, go to preview because we can see what it looks like nice and easy it’s.

Free, we haven’t paid for nothing. Yet. Okay, that is what they’ll, see. That is what they’ll put in that’s. What we’ll use – if you want to you, can obviously change the background and change the colors and change the text.

You can do what you want, save and exit, always press, save don’t, be like me now. Obviously this doesn’t, look very good on the mobile, so you could change it a bit to make it look better on the mobile, but for now we’ll.

Just you know use the one on the pc there we go first one we want that’s, the one we want press, publish, make sure you press, publish all right press publish now it’s, live we haven’t Paid for nothing, we’ve got a free, aweber account and we ‘

Ve got a free list and a free landing page. You can now market this landing page. You can send it to people. Pinterest email youtube, facebook, okay, people put in their address, and then you can start marketing and sending them products.

In our case, we ‘ Ve got a free video. How to make money online start sharing. If you want to so now, we ‘ Ve got our landing page sorted all right. We don’t want to unpublish it right, but we want to, i would say, let’s.

Give you that for now just make sure let’s, give it a name because you need to give it a name. So we’ll, just call it a pack appear back into the editor. Come up here. Look call it! What we call it free video it’s up to you, free video squeeze page don’t forget squeeze page landing page same thing.

Well, i think anyway, save and exit. So now we ‘ Ve got a free video squeeze page um. It’s published here’s, the link we don’t like the link, if you click on that this is the link it’s, not a very good link.

We don’t like it, so this the page is live, so you could send this out now to people. I won’t send this link. If i was you, i would do this, i would copy and paste it into this thing. Called bitly link shortener a lot better click into that that’s, the link shorten it.

So it gives you a link like this. So now, if you copy that link it’s a bit better, at least for free. Obviously, you can pay for bitly and you can do a bit more, but you don’t need to for now. So all it’s done is copy it to the thingy magic clipboard thing.

All it’s done is, is made a better link, a smaller link, which you can send out to people that’s. All it is that’s. All it is so now that’s, a link. We can use okay. Now we can use this link the link we’ve, just done.

We can use this link, you can send it to people, we can email it to people we can put on facebook. We can make a video on youtube about it. The idea is, people are going to put their email address in there because they want the free video, so they’re, obviously interested in making money online, so they put their name and address okay.

You then send them the free video in your email, so also with a weber go back to my dashboard. Also with a weber. You can build a subscriber list so that squeeze page can be used to build a subscriber list, because that’s.

What we’re in the game for is to create a list. Get people’s, email addresses, so we can market products to them at the moment. No subscribers we’ve built a free squeeze page. So let’s, see if it works.

So all i’ve got to do now is type my name and address into here. I’m, going to give an email. So is it my test email, just a gmail account? Okay, open this and go to spam. I bet for now that’s, not too bad.

So what i’ll do. Is i’m going to type in here now? I’ll type in here um david david james, who that is name email. We’ll type in um, come on video ml. That’s, my test, one so name and address so hopefully now, if everything works, let’s.

Press sign up somebody’s done that they want my video almost done activate your subscription. What that means is that person who’s filled that detail in has now got to go to their email address and confirm they want to sign up to morgan lewis’s, email um responder.

So hopefully i’ll. Get there we look so until they do this. So if you look confirm your subscription, i haven’t confirmed yet in here we should be able to see now um here we go so that was the name i just put in that’s.

The email just put in there look pending so at the moment it hasn’t subscribed. But soon, as i do this yes, i do want to confirm my subscription. Thank you very much. What does it say be careful because it’s.

Just spam right so looks safe right that’s, the that’s, the message that we saw in aweber so now people just have to do that if they want to subscribe to your list. Thank you very much now. Hopefully, when i go back here and i refresh [ Music ], it should say now that it’s there.

We are subscribed so now this person, david james, i subscribe to my email list. There’s, morgan lewis list, and now i can send him emails sending emails forever or until he’s buys or subscribes unsubscribes, okay, so inbox again there we are see, look so obviously because it’s linked.

So this is me creating the list, so when somebody signs up aweber will send you a notification that somebody signed up to the list. Okay, so that is a quick way of setting up a free aweber account creating your first list.

Okay, getting a you know, a free landing page, because we ‘ Ve got this landing page here now this one here, so we ‘ Ve got a free one, that’s. What we did free landing page and we tested it by putting an email address in here, subscribe to it and um showed you the double opt-in and we showed that um, let’s, go back, save and exit.

I thought we ‘ Ve got our first subscriber now the beauty with aweber is you can now email? So now you can do this, you can set up a campaign of a broadcast. I would suggest you probably do a broadcast.

You can set up a sequence of emails to send out every day every other day. Every week up two, i’m, not going to go through that now, but once you’ve got somebody on your list. You can then email to them.

Okay, so just a quick refresh we create is it aweber account a free one. We got a free squeeze page and we linked it to prove that it works okay to build our list all for free at the moment, which is always good.

So i hope that was helpful, um. Any questions, let me know, put them in the comments below um, but as a bonus at the start, i mentioned a bonus and because you’ve watched to the end, i promised that i would give you a bonus.

So the next part of the video i’ll, explain to you how i leverage the power of the internet, how i use it to make an income online so stick around thanks for watching the video stick around for the third part of this video And i will show you how i use aweber and squeeze pages to make an income online don’t, go away.

Stick with me! Welcome back to this third part of the video and to the bonus section like i promised those who stay to the end and explain to you how i make money online and how i use the power of the internet to leverage that power and make an income Online i use affiliate marketing and more specifically high ticket affiliate marketing.

Now you can get started today in the same program for seven dollars. There’s, a link in the pinned post, which will take you to a 15-day business challenge for seven dollars. So click on the pinned post, the link in the pin post it’ll.

Take you to this squeeze page, enter your contact details and for seven dollars. You can get started on them. 15 days today, there’s 15 days worth of value now for an extra bonus. If you complete them 15 days – and you send me a screenshot of proof that you’ve completed the 15 days, i will then arrange a one-to-one coaching session with me and you to discuss your next steps.

So make sure you sign up for the 15 days go through the 15 days once you get to the 15 days. Send me a screenshot email me, a screenshot of the completion, and i will set up a one-to-one free, half an hour coaching session with me and you to discuss your next steps whatever they may be now.

The reason i want to do that is because i know the value of them 15 days, because i got a lot of value and i want you to get the same volume so make sure you complete the 15 days, and then we can arrange that one to One half an hour free session so that’s.

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