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I personally use Facebook to set up the advertisements, but you know it. Sometimes it is hard setting up ads because you’re, not want to ensure that the ads will convert so obviously a great way to figure out.

You know what you can do is buy model and success. Okay copy! What works, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel yourself now, for that I used to do a lot of research on facebook. Let me just quickly get on facebook to give you guys an idea and then, for that, let’s.

Just take a quick clickbank product, for example, the last plug that I promoted was Ted’s Woodworking and quickly get that up. Just to give you guys an idea of what Ted’s, Woodworking is, as you can see, it is a product that sells all the way compliant it’s, a video sales letter and you scroll down make sure that no sound is On so switch off the sound as you can see here, it’s.

A lot of you know different woodworking plans, etc. I can see lifetime updates, okay, and for that I was struggling to basically find creatives. That would be good enough to promote this. It’s hard because it’s, not a very fancy product.

It’s hard to say so. Like this one secretive reveals, you know. When I switch off with a money online and Neutra, you know it’s a bit more but easier to actually come up with a good headline and go copy, a good, creative, etc.

Okay, now with this, like, I said, I struggled a bit a bit with it and what I used to do is just type in, for example, woodworking and then go on to pages and then base just looked at all of these facial pages in the hoping that Some of these pages might actually brought any ads and see what as they are running.

So if you want to know how to actually find that all we do is go on a page, page transparency and then click here. As you can see, this page is not run ads, so I’ve done this for a while, unless you find found no good working pages that were running ads unless there was an actual product which is not what we’re.

Trying to look forward transit or for something that is, they promote ads towards, like woodworking plans, etc, and there are a few pages and that are tailored to Ted’s Woodworking, because obviously it is a click buy product.

So a lot of people are trying to promote this actually see it. Ted’s, Woodworking review Ted’s; Woodworking review Ted’s, Woodworking plans, but none of these will run ads either. So again I wasn’t on the wiser, so I can see here page frangipane and see I’ve, actually not seen this page before so here’s where this one, actually Israel run any ads.

Let’s see, I guess not, because the last post was 2014 rope. I think the pages froze let’s, move on to the next one: pay; transparency not ruin any ads, and for this one page transparency not running any ads back to the first row.

Let’s, see we can click on it. Page. Transparency, you know maybe refresh the page see if that works, page transparency, okay, finally, and it’s not running the outside there, so I just can see guys. You know it is quite difficult to you know, see what how other people are promoting this product through Facebook, and that is when I stumbled on big spike, which is a basically a free tool that allows you to look at what other people are promoting.

Now I’ve created a free account. I should see here there’s, my free account, but I out actually checked out and any of the features just geologists thoughts. Actually I’ll record myself and show you guys.

One of this and I’ll. Let you click around show you guys watch what and then at the end of the video I’ll. Basically, let you guys know my thoughts on it and if I would, if I would recommend it. Yes or no, so the first thing I do actually wan na know is what the pricing is like.

So I should see here networks. Facebook is free, 2010 query today, so that mean to ten searches a day. We have three kinds of membership: okay, that’s. Fine, then we ‘ Ve got the basic four nine a month, twenty five queries day and then we ‘

Ve got the pro, which is ninety-nine a month for unlimited queries. The difference between nine – and this is the twenty five and we can actually download the ads, which is also a good idea, and there’s.

Also a Chrome extension limited adults. Okay, so basically you can use everything. Cuz is. It shows limits as to what you can see and limits it’s a home. Often you can search okay. Well, on that, I can see we’ve got ad spy and then we ‘

Ve also got ad ideas. What’s? The difference add title, add text; okay, all positions in silent text, advertising info enter keywords or categories; okay, I can’t figure out what the differences tracked is what I’m okay, so I search tracks and then pricing.

Okay. So I’d spy. We’ve, got Facebook Instagram ads ad Mobile, Twitter, Pinterest and yahoo. So obviously, because we’re on the freeways we can only use Facebook, let me see what happens it actually. Click on its ground! Well, yes, okay or make me look great, so it is just Facebook for now so asked by Facebook.

All positions, title text, advertising info keyword, marketing objectives, page post engagements, call them and okay, so um affiliate networks, Clickbank. Well that’s. I didn’t even know that, so what is all this? These are all Clickbank products.

I’m guessing okay, I’m on the wiser affiliate, a free ID that’s all so if that’s, if that’s possible and that’s sick, if you can Actually see what other people are running with, you know, if you know their clickbank ID, you can see what they’re up to.

So let’s, actually try it. Let’s. Let’s just go for it would welcome oh wow. Okay, so say goodbye so list with these people are rolling Ted’s, Woodworking, which is literally the program trying to promote which that is insane.

Obviously, it is limiters. We can only see the face: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. But still you know that is that’s, a great way to get some good insights into you know what other people are, how other people are transferring all these products learn more downloads, which is also a thing of what we could filter by call-to-action.

There we go applying out book travel by now. So, if you want specific, you know, I call to action, show your query or I was a limited, sent queries that elicited a third query: that wasn’t even nowhere near 10th, and but ok.

So you can do call to action. Applying our book travel by now we’ve also got software’s, so, for example, people using Shopify last seen created time shelf example. If you want the older, I’d start obviously withstood the test of time that you know what conveying that you can you click on create a time between last seen is, let me see what is last see.

What does it mean? Is it like newest or last seen six months ago I don’t know I don’t know what that is. Maybe maybe that’s old at all. That adds countries if you just want specific country. So if you want to know how people are promoting certain products in the US marketing objectives, we’ve, just discussed that creatives image, video or carousel.

So if you want to see how people are put on images, for example, you can do that and we remove these filters. It really won’t. Let me go past that Lizzy’s, as you can see that I searched for something twice, and it already gave me that ten minutes but yeah, so there’s, not more taxi.

I can show you guys, because obviously I’m over my limits, but I’ll, just click around and see. If there’s, anything interesting guys might like niche analytics, find niche and frame. Okay with that, but yeah guys, like I said it’s, it’s, a good tool.

In my opinion, like said, I was surprised about how effective that was with Ted’s Woodworking because, like I said I was children to find you know, Ted’s, Woodworking ads and this list she brought me right to it.

Would I pay the $ 10 probably would, but I know for me, I probably wouldn’t go for the 99, but to $ 10 Stephane sounds like something that I would go for ad ideas. I’m, not really sure what that is, but the ad Spy a spy is a great tool, and that is definite, something that I would recommend if you guys, are safe with Clickbank, and you want to basically know you know what’S going on model success stand on the shoulders Giants.

Oh yeah, don’t want to reinvent the wheel. You actually want to see what what is working and what isn’t and then, basically, you know model what other people are doing. So I said, unfortunately, I can’t go any further because of the limits in what I can do on bigspy.

Unless I upgrade for now. I probably won’t operate because I’ve. All this is what the ads etc. Maybe on my next campaign, I will create this and then do an extra video cut. You’re on it because there’s more.

I have a review video just quick in between video, because I release you just to score with this but yeah. I said I think if I could recommend this, I ‘ Ll need to do more research on it. Let’s, see if there’s, anything else that we can figure figure out.

Maybe click on the FAQ. What is fixed by let’s, see what it says fixed by is an ad spy tool for people to draw creative inspiration for their new marketing campaigns. Why do you create such a tool? Our mission is making the advertising market more transparent and productivity, and our vision is passion to create data tools for business and public.

Ok, how can I find the latest hot ads go to features ads which are picked by big things and intelligence? You can scroll the new ideas track by thousands of used by people tracked as well, so featured ads with weird by cedar featured ads, open link in new tab tract okay.

So this must be where you can see like new house ads, etc. I shouldn’t, see a lot of Arab er HUDs. Can we change that? Can we change the country or will it come up with okay if she run a new ads as well? People tracked short by last seen if you even saw that comments, that’s, it that’s by okay.

Just let you know all the thing I can do without it and you’ve also got Twitter and see what the twist is. Like. Oh yeah, like I said guys like big spike. I definitely do recommend it and just give you guys a bit of an idea of what other people are doing.

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