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We’re, going to see what is up with that step-by-step. This actually quite easy for connect the traffic marketplace. I already did the zero clicked pay-per-view. This is pop. We’re doing right now, so this is the campaign I did before this.

So if you want to see another watch me build about tonic and pier fly. It’s in the playlist, go check it out later, so we’re going to go to pop and my pop dashboard is empty yeah and then we’re going to do new pop campaign.

So we’re, going to leave it at this, just to see what we can choose from and how it will work. So, with pop traffic, you have two choices: one you can make a bridge page, basically a pre-frame, a landing page or you can target link.

What is smart? Well, you have to choose frog country here, right which country do you want to run traffic to? How much is the reach? Do we want to go for a specific offer? Do we want to run more? Have you ramped up before I haven’t had much experience.

I have ramped up before, but not on a large scale, so I only spent maybe like five dollars a day for like a month max just to understand it right, but now let’s say I want to explore it. What is great about my vidya? They have like these smart links, meaning they auto optimize the offers for you, so they take let’s, say the 20s top performing offers, and this network is all app.

Install or sweepstakes mainly write games on your phone. Those kind of things: what do they do? They rotate the twenty converting offers and the consumer. The user can obviously opt-in or purchase something or install something, and then it gets ranked higher in your smart link.

So it will auto optimize which product which offer from Nvidia is the best for the tonic traffic, which are selected so in tonic. So this can be worldwide right, but in tonic we have to select country.

So if you have a traffic source that allows you to do multiple countries, you can do to run this worldwide. The SmartLink, probably most of your reach, is gonna come out of the tier 3 countries usually, but because it’s on the bidding right, but therefore tonic traffic marketplace is doing per country.

So last time I did France this today we’re, going to the United States, a hundred and eighty million unique impressions per month to give you an idea where the pop traffic comes from any place. You go on the Internet where you don’t, have an app blocker and a pop-up comes so illegal download sites, YouTube converters, Facebook, converters, copy text, PDF converters, these kind of websites they deliver pop traffic.

They sell pop traffic atomic, it’s, not accessible to you and they take a margin. So you have different options in tonic. What I would like to show you first is mainstream smart like and promo material.

Let’s, go see what we can do, so you have smart link pop under overlay, banners and redirects. So last time we did redirects, but you can see it is very much more advanced, so you can see what kind of code you want to get Mobilia is a pure mobile network.

So this is very extensive in the information they provide to you to keep is easy for the beginners, because I think pop pop traffic is still a very beginner strategy. I’m, not going to implement a tracker today, which I normally do, because I want to read the data as best as possible.

This also means that the watch me build video. Get we’re. Shooting today is not going to be published, live and therefore there will be not results. This is for educational purposes. Only. Let me just get this.

What does this mean graph? This means edit yeah all right. What just happened right, you can add a postback apk, allow the offers to download auto download offers, let’s. Okay, I have auto download allow promotion of office of apk files.

I don’t know what that means. So let’s. Just not do that mandatory rules compliance. Obviously we strongly recommend to use our geo panel tool. Don’t, explain real will, freeze your account holder, cast for six months.

Operation Department is no incentive content, locking no rewards, no promotion with free, no promotion for the chat, no use of copyrighted videos, no spam, no adware, and I was reading creatives. Okay, that’s, all good.

Let’s, go let’s. Do this and then hold it here, so the part for surging for a good offer, writing the copy, making the images everything we normally do on Facebook, Instagram and snapchat. It is not happening here.

It is so easy you can set up a campaign like at the beginning of ten minutes as a more experienced person. Maybe two minutes it’s, pretty crazy. All you have to do is test optimize. I’ll. Talk about that in a second so with the United States, so the ROA means run on network right.

You can run for a specific keyword, but we’re. We don’t know what they’re, going to pick right. So we can do a specific category, so let’s say you target dogs right then you can type in dogs and the reach becomes a lot less so websites related to dogs.

The reach is not significant, but we are using the smart link. So there’s, another Pro for using a smart link. It is going to find out which audience suits best, and that is the whole idea behind pop redirect traffic.

You have to optimize on sonar these meaning the traffic comes from a certain website right that certain websites passes on the souls ID the ID of the stores, Sarfati watch the traffic coming from based on where the traffic comes from.

That is where you see the confusion. Specials ID in your tracker or you don’t. If you don’t see the sauce happy conversions, you blacklist them, meaning I don’t want any more traffic from these sources, so the reach goes to the whitelist whitelist, meaning these traffic sources are good.

I want all the traffic from there because they give me props of profitable ROI, and then you have like the normal campaigns. We don’t need, or blacklist or whitelist, which will get like the normal spend run our network, so it will use all the search IDs traffic category not adopt non-adult, so we’re, going also go to set up the other one.

So the others from I already copy this. We are also going to set up this one, but it’s kind of the same. So that would be this one. If it’s even possible desktop mobile, can we select both? No all right, so it’s, just only going to be desktop operating systems, all good browsers.

I don’t care where they come from, and these are also for ryaba, so operating system browser tablets. That all means that, in your tracker, you can optimize on those things when you have a hundred and eighty million well the fight about thirty, there will be 660 million impressions per day only in the US right, which means that you can cut out half of these Things and still left with like a million impressions a day, meaning obviously with pop.

You might need like ten to a hundred thousand. I don’t, know the correct data, but I mean at least more than ten thousand to get like one conversion, because the pop I mean, even if I download the video and I don’t, have, I always am a blocker on, But if I don’t have my block around for the reason I get like eight pop-ups in like one video I want to download.

So that means that if you have 10,000, maybe one person gets like ten pop-up tries. So if you have 10,000 reach, you only reach 1000 people. That is how pop is low. Quality traffic right data settings just run it weekly schedule is fine budget and should do $ 10.

Minimum is one they were doing. One spread budget even the other day. All right run a network us desktop. This is going to be right, move to step two. The bed. The bed is important. Obviously I always want to know the CPM.

The CPM is the cost per 1,000 impressions. This one is zero point: zero, zero, 11 divided by 1000, no 1000 divided by zero point: zero, zero, seven, all right! It’s good, so we can get 909 flakes easier.

It’s, not that another interesting. So we would get 1000 clicks for very cheap one point: one dollar CPM of one point: one dollars cool is not the cheapest, but that’s, the recommended bit. So let’s. Just we always start.

You get your start low or high. It depends on what kind of strategy you follow at the redirect, your of course there we go. So what is going to track is going to track the external ID for traffic source, meaning this also did the website with the cyberdemon placement that’s it.

So we also want campaign, name, carrier C CPC, source ID operating system device, ligardi be good. Normally, I would say it has to do like SAP, bla, bla bla, bla bla, but if it’s going well like this, I don ‘

T think this is good. I think you have to go. Like n is campaign, name bla, bla, bla bla, but they haven’t, have a queue, so don’t do or what I just did follow this every queue. Alright, post Bex automatically put this in a track when you have fun in this.

Is the source ID white lace black waste? So what I fear is you just run this for maybe like 5 or 10 dollars a day and in the next three days you see what converts and you see what doesn’t convert as soon as shave like ten dollars spent per source ID.

You just blacklist or whitelist em, so wildly she was chief traffic from only the source ID issue enter here. You will not receive traffic from the source of these you and to hear what list blacklist make sense right.

Then you do save and start campaign. Then you get to your desk fort, and there it is no here is. This is the one I set up previously here. It is so we’re, going to pause this real quick and then we’re, going to create the one for adult, because I know it’s a little bit different, Oh still, United States.

But if we do adult it’s, only four point: five million mobile 0:20 desktop. So this is yeah. You know what it is. So we’re going to get this okay mandatory rules, your banners, no promotion. There was at the same as the other one: oh, no image yourself.

Okay, this is normal. I don’t know what this is. I know this is I don’t know what this means, but I’m, not gon. Na look it up, but I don’t know what it means. If you know what is means put it in the comments down below.

It means that you’re helpful, but you’re. Also, a perfect, probably blah blah blah get called safe. Okay, let’s. Get this! Let’s not run the link. Is it already says it’s? Spacely 5000 run a network yeah four point: five minutes q desktop everything else.

This is the same. This would be like more video, more big, more bit, yeah dog, smart cool. It’s, just so easy. Oh, it’s, a lot higher than the other pop probably means they make more money here right, so yeah I always like to do half of what they should just just to see.

So this also means that if you do the bed and you don’t get any reach. So you don’t, get any impressions, your ads, they don’t show. It means the pain is too low and then what you do is to just up the bit like one or two cents.

Until you start getting rich, you get too much rich, you just lower it a bit if it’s. Spending too fast. You just lower because if it should just as mitch is 29 you put like 35, you’re gonna get all the traffic, because usually people bit lower right, so yeah.

Unless you start a 15, see how it goes alright. This is all the same: it’s all the same, and that’s. It then you press, save my start campaign go to the dashboard and then they are here. It is so actually I am going to run this one, but these ones for my Biddy, I’m, not alright, run Network.

You asked desktop Nvidia, adult SmartLink run us desktop Mobilia SmartLink, I should have said mainstream on this one. Oh, what is also important, which I see oh hang on, let’s, go back! What is important, so yeah! This is the overview you can change make edits here.

I don’t want to show you that here you see daily budget 10 daily budget, one no cap, it’s very important and not to run with the cap, because if your bid is high enough, it will spend all your balance.

So you have to do, I always forget, but the budget shoe specific budget. It has to be at least one and then it like that. So that’s, important good dashboard Wow, and this is basically how to stand up tonic pop traffic with Mobilia.

So I’m, going to title this. Something like that very very easy takes a very limited time to set up. I think we ‘ Ve only been doing this for 10 minutes max or maybe a little bit more, but you get it very, very easy, very much potential.

All you have to focus on is your tracker and the source IDs.

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