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Acquire more of your best customers, faster, by leveraging the power of word-of-mouth.


Referrals drive real results. Here are numbers from our clients.


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Here's what our customers are saying

HP Referral Program

“Ambassador’s technical aptitude is top-notch. The team truly understands referral marketing, the product is very high quality, and the benefits we’re seeing far outweigh the costs. I would absolutely recommend Ambassador to other large organizations.”

Tatiana Torres
Product Manager

HP Referral Program

“Ambassador is the right blend of power and simplicity. We are using the referral marketing platform and seeing incredible results with our affiliate program.”



Alberto Horihuela

HP Referral Program

“If all of our website traffic converted like our referrals do, we’d be generating more than twice as many customers.”



AJ Renick

Director of Acquisition and Analytics

HP Referral Program

“Ambassador is an awesome marketing partner for us. The product is very flexible and does everything we need, plus much more. And Ambassador’s success team is always on top of it; it’s great to work with true experts.”

Sean Callaghan
Manager, CRM


1: Identify

Determine the ambassadors you want to enroll and segment, including customers, affiliates, influencers, partners, employees, and other advocates.

2: Enroll

Easily enroll customers, affiliates, influencers, employees, and partners in targeted and personalized referral campaigns.

3: Track

Manage all of your ambassadors, monitor key performance indicators, and optimize your referral program to boost brand awareness and drive revenue — in real time.

4: Reward

Incentivize referrals by offering and testing different incentives for different campaign segments, and automating the reward process using cash, points, credits, or gift cards.


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