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Hey is that Crawford here and in this video we’re gonna talk about affiliate marketing review sites. So basically, what a review site is is where you review a product. Is it good? Is it bad, and I’m gonna show you examples of how it works here in a minute now.

The reason I’m suggesting this to you. So they know a lot of people want to just get started. They want to dip their toes in the water, they want to start making some affiliate marketing commissions and they want to just like get going fast sooner than later right.

When you actually do what a lot of the stuff I teach on the channel, which is building an email list and building sales funnels, it allows you to scale to the moon as far as your income. But it does take a little bit more upfront knowledge and a little bit more work before you can actually get it going really well compared to the affiliate review sites.

You can literally start launching this like in a couple days and start making money doing it. So this is the method that I actually first started, making my first money, so it’s, easily scalable to 100 hours a day consistently.

You can scale it well past 500 hours a day, I have friends, are making several thousand dollars per day. Doing this and they don’t build email lists. I personally think it’s, a huge mistake, but it’s, a great way to get going.

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So let’s, jump in and let’s. Talk about how this works! I want to show you some examples, so you can kind of get your mind wrapped around it here in a second, and I also want to give you some ideas of like the ways that you can do it.

So the first thing I want to talk about is really like: how does this all work together? So, basically, what the affiliate review sites are or how the method works, is you review a product is exactly what it sounds like right.

This could be like on and if this works in any different niche, like it doesn’t matter, if you’re in make money online, if you’re in the weight loss niche, you’re in You know something totally outside of those niches, even hobbies.

You have, you know literally like if you just like, want to review some headphones like these. Are the Bose quiet headphones right? You literally could review those, and basically what happens is when somebody wants to buy something Amazon, for one is one of the biggest places people spend their money right, but what people do immediately is they go to YouTube and they go to google and type in like? Are these Bose headphones, good or bad? You know bose quiet, headphones reviews and basically what they’re doing.

Is they’re looking for other people to share their experiences? The pros and cons like I do this all the time like right now I’m gonna show you example when we go into to YouTube, I’m looking to buy another camera like which I probably should stop, because it’s been way too much money on camera gear, but basically, what I do is I go watch reviews like I type in gh 5s review and it’s like a new camera that just launched right, and I want to find out what Other videographers and people are saying about it like is it? Is it much better than a camera hab now? Should I just stick with the one I have now it’s, not really worth the upgrade.

You know that that’s. What I’m looking for and what happens, is when I go. Do these searches I go look for. You know that camera if somebody took the time to put like a 20 minute video for it together for me and that they’re going through all this effort, showing you know what it looks like on film, showing different scenarios showing as the autofocus That graters, it hasn’t improved all these things that I care about when I’m buying a new camera that’s.

Twenty five hundred bucks – I’m gonna buy through their link. If they’re linking to Amazon or, like B & amp, H photo, which is like a private affiliate program for photography like so it works across the board.

It doesn’t matter. If it’s hobbies, you know great places to find products to review or Clickbank comm, so that’s, a digital marketplace we just talked about that and then for physical products, commission, junction, calm or CJ comm, and you can find Literally everything I’m gonna show you some different examples.

So what I want to do is I want to take you in and show you both examples of like for websites so for, like Google and then also for YouTube. So the first thing I want to start with just because we were just talking about that method right is like is the G h5 s.

So G h5 s review. So here’s another one too. You can even see there’s. Two different ways to do it: you can compare and contrast, so you can compare against other cameras II, see like gh, 5s versus a7rii and basically it’s, a very similar camera model, just the Sony version, so that’s.

Another way to do it, you can compare to other products or you can just like review the individual product. But if you type in like gh 5s review, you’re gonna find all these different videos where people are basically reviewing the camera and saying what they think about it.

And so what I usually like to do is try to find, like you know, videos that are, you know, heavily used right. Lots of views so 6 to 8,000 views, and if we look at this one, we just pause it really quick.

You’ll notice like right here. He has his links to Amazon and then, as I said, the private affiliate program and photography is B & amp H photo that’s, where I buy a lot of my stuff, and so, if I would go here like I watched his name of This guy name is Kayla.

I bought several things from his review channel. If I would go right now and buy this camera, you know he would get a commission now say. I decided to also buy like this one right here with the other lens.

Now it’s, 3,300 bucks. He would get a bigger Commission and if I added extra things to my cart, he would get a commission off that as well same thing. For here it works exactly the same way for being H photo, so it doesn’t really matter what niche you’re in.

If you link out to different products that you’re using and review them, you can make a lot of money, but you can also do this and if you don’t even own the products like it, for example, if you went To Clickbank you can find digital products and review those products as well, and if you look like right here, I want to show you a perfect example like in kind of like the digital products.

Kind of like hosting niche, so hosting web hosting is is huge, like massively huge and literally like. If we go, I’m just gonna go back to Google really quick. If we go to Google and we look like we go type in website hosting reviews, these people are spending money, the ones that I pulled up here.

They’re spending money on Google Adwords, which Google AdWords is not cheap. It’s. One of the most expensive ad platforms – you can run ads right and what happens is when you go to their website. If you buy through their review like you, you they get a commission through through Bluehost or whatever website hosts are using.

So if we look at this one right here, which is the one where you’re, seeing you see like right here, okay, they’re, recommending Bluehost is the number one and then they show like they have a coupon. Now, a lot of times what people do like, I’m just going to type in like Bluehost review like this one is more of a like: they’re, just rating like you know, based on you know, in order of the top Ho these are like all the top web host.

You could get right, but what most people do is like this. Like let’s, see let’s, see Bluehost review, see. If I can find somebody that has one that’s, really good yeah, this should be decent, so see like right here.

This person is actually reviewing it and they’re going through and talking about the pros and cons which level a service. Should you choose so depending on what product you would be reviewing you want it? You want to think of like what are the typical buying questions somebody would have, and by buying questions I mean like what are the things that would either push people over the edge to make a buying decision or things that are holding them back.

Like is this webhost good, you know, is it a shared hosting account? You know you got to pay monthly or yearly like, depending on what you’re. Reviewing that’s going to be different like if you were reviewing.

You know the Vitamix blender, for example, so if we went like right here to YouTube and we typed in like Vitamix Vitamix blender review, what you want to do is watch a few videos or whatever, and you know you don’t have to do It on YouTube: you literally could just review it on on Amazon or not like your blog right, and if you go over here and you watch some of these videos, you can get ideas for your review and then, of course, you could come right here and then Type in Vitamix blender review and you could look at like what other people are doing and when I used to do this non-stop.

Like I wrote, like literally, I wrote a product review every single day and what I would I really suggest you do anytime. You’re writing one. You want to review like the top five or six websites and figure out like what.

What do you like on the website, look and see if there’s. Comments on the website are people saying you know this doesn’t make sense. You know you didn’t, go into detail about something. How does this work? Those are that’s, ammunition to make your review better than your competitors right and then, of course, if somebody goes through read your review like this, this Bluehost one right here and let’s say I click like right here and I Go I go through this link to Bluehost.

They’re gonna make a commission when I actually buy that product there’s literally people that do this in every niche. You know you and then make money niche, a software that I personally use it’s. Really popular right now is click funnel.

So if you go like to clickfunnels review and and you you go through like you – can see, some people are spending money to run their ads there. But if you clicked on like this review right here and somebody goes through and reads this detailed review about click funnels and you see it’s really long and then they buy click through click funnels after they read the review.

You’re getting paid now. Personally, I think, like I said before the best way is to build an email list, because you’re gonna be able to to to market other products for them. So a great example: this, like you know we looked at like, and this person doesn’t, look like they’re doing any any collecting emails right.

So I want to show you both how you do it. So we already talked about that. You can review anything products on Amazon, you know. Ideally I suggest you pick a niche, and this is how I personally like it like when you pick a niche like right here hosting manual dotnet.

If you can try to find some kind of domain, that kind of you know like resonates with what the niches like website hosting reviews, which, obviously, that’s gonna be taken, but something that’s related to the niche it &.

# 39 s, it’s, going to scream to the people when they land on that website like this is for me now. This site right here is a perfect example to go deeper into. You know what we just talked about with with hosting reviews right, so this site, I’ve, followed over the years and it’s because they make a lot of money in the hosting niche.

And so you see like right here. They have like a guide to start a blog. They actually, they actually collect emails over 600,000 readers, and I don’t, see an email form out and open know right here, the ultimate wordpress to a tool kit download.

Now so what they’re doing. Is they’re? Collecting emails, so you can see like all this stuff monster, insights, optinmonster, WP forms. If we go up here, let me see if I can find products. So you see these different products right, like they’re.

Reviewing these. If we go over to blog and like tutorials a lot of these tutorials, they’re like product reviews mixed in, but you don’t really quite realize it. So they’re. Talking about like how to use a certain plugin, how to use a certain plugin for your website or something and then basically what happens? Is they talk about the pros and the cons of the plug-in, the pros and the cons of the web, hosting they’re reviewing like and on this site? They’ve, literally reviewed every single hosting platform you could think of and their affiliates for all of them they make an absolute killing, but they also recommend like plugins example of a plug-in on a website is an additional feature that the website can do So maybe initially the person come in and they were trying to start their website.

What’s, the next progression after they start their website? They probably want to make it more fancy. They want to add some more features. So if this wpbeginner site collected their email, they can follow up with them in the future and say hey.

You know this is a great plugin that will help you do XYZ check it out and they can go. There have another blog post about the part of the product, how it will help and then link to it and they make more commissions.

So you can make a lot of money. You know if you just like want to kind of you know not put yourself out there like you, do not have to do this. You do not have to actually put your face on YouTube hands down.

I think YouTube is one of the best ways, but it doesn’t work for everything because of the fact that you know, especially if you’re talking physical products, if you trying to review a physical product, it’s.

Pretty hard, if you don’t actually own the physical product. Now, if you wanted to review it, you didn’t own it. You could do it on a blog easily by basically looking at what other people are saying. Now that’s up to you, I personally didn’t do this.

For me, I reviewed a lot of digital products and personally I reviewed digital products that I actually use myself, that’s up to you on your ethics, whether you want to do it or you, don’t want to do it.

Personally, I didn’t review things that I didn’t. Do I reviewed all the products and things that I personally use myself? So I suggest you one pick a niche or then buy niche. I mean a pocket of people that are passionate about something and then stay in that that Lane, like review all the stuff on there.

Maybe, for instance, you’re. You’re like a golfer right, so you have. You have knowledge about golfing, you could review golf clubs, you could review different things because you obviously probably know about it.

Even if you haven’t bought the product yourself, you probably know a lot about different drivers and whatnot that you could recommend. So start thinking about like what kind of niche you want to go in, and I’m gonna link below in the description and as well at the end of this video.

If you don’t know how to pick a niche that give you an idea to find profitable niches, but you want to stay in your lane. If you look at like wpbeginner to go back here, they stayed in their lane and see once again.

They’re, collecting an email right, so they can follow up with you to make you more suggestions on things that are, you know, plugins of whatnot, that they can make more Commission’s. But if you, if you stayed in your lane, you can either one you know you can just build a site.

You don’t have to collect emails. If you don’t want to do that and you can keep building it and and what happens? Is you’re, getting other opportunities of other things that you can recommend, so you can write reviews around all different types of products in your niche, so you have searches coming in from google or if you’re doing it on YouTube Searches coming in from YouTube on different products now with that being said, one last thing to think about: if you do it, where you don’t really collect emails, one of the things are really popular, and this is the method that I started out With years ago, I would build sites like this, and this is this is how I started out.

I’ve, been in over 150 different niches, so I’ve literally I’ve wrote about everything right and when I first started, my whole method was to build a site up, get it making consistent income, at least like You know, ideally at least like 50 dollars a day, because that’s, that’s like very ideal once you have it at 50 dollars a day.

You literally can flip it for, like 12 plus months worth of revenue, there’s, plenty of places out there like You know there’s, different marketplaces that you can sell your websites. You can build up these websites, these review websites that are making money, and then you can flip them for 12 to 18 months worth of revenue and then go build more.

At one point, I had a rolodex of hundreds of websites and my whole goal is to get them making money and then flip them. That was my business model. Now personally, I don’t, really think it’s. A great long-term business model, but if you’re looking to get started with affiliate marketing, this is one of the best ways whether it’s.

Amazon, Commission, Junction, Clickbank or private affiliate programs pick a niche and review products consistently, but I would highly highly suggest that you think about, as you get going to start building an email list in that niche, especially if you find out it’s profitable And you’re, making really good money like say the hosting niche.

I would be collecting emails and then find other products I can recommend to them. This is how you’re gonna scale, up to like 50,000 plus a month or more, and yes that’s very in my opinion. Now I can’t say it because of the FTC I can’t say anything is realistic.

What I’m telling you is, if you’re consistent and say, like the hosting niche, you could go above $ 50,000 a month if you were consistently building over one year, two years three years and recommending different additional products to those Customers, so that being said, if you enjoyed this, I would appreciate, if you’d, smash that, like button comment below – and I will gauge with you in the comments, if you have any questions and if you haven’t subscribed yet make Sure to smash that subscribe button – and I will see you in the next video you

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