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The website is well. Alright, I’m gonna show you guys my Instagram page is well. We’re, pretty much all the sales came from and I was gonna break down the exact marketing strategy that I used, but before we dive to the video he has been showing insane support on the channel recently like insane support, we just hit Like 30k, nobody hit 32 K and, like the next day, or so so it sportsman Inc like insane.

So I’m gonna do a crazy giveaway for this week biggest giveaway. Yet I’m gonna be giving away three one-on-one mentorship slots. I’ve, never done this before. Okay, typically, I charge you know upwards of five thousand dollars for a month of mentorship, but for this week’s giveaway.

I’m gonna be giving away three two-week one-on-one mentorship slots and all you have to do to enter into the giveaway is subscribe to the channel turn on post notifications and like the video and let me know down below in the comment section.

What you do all those steps and you’ll – be entered into the giveaway. So the first thing I’m gonna show you guys is the product that I actually sold. Alright. Now it’s kind of a different product right I’m, pretty sure none you guys would even think about this product right, but here is the product, unless you guys right now, okay, so these are called glass of blunts, alright and As you see it’s, just literally a glass like tube.

I have a black one, a silver one. I have a rainbow one: a rolls gold, one, a whole bunch of different ones that we’ve sold the rainbow one was a best seller, but yeah. That was the practice. I sold right there a very different product right, a lot of guys, probably wouldn’t even think about selling this product or probably don’t even know.

You can sell packs like this on Shopify and yes, that was my first winner. Okay, now let me explain why this product was such a winner. Alright, so make sure you, as they’re, taking notes all right, because what I’m gonna explain right now is a very important thing when finding winning products so write write this down all right.

So the reason why the glass blunts were so successful number one: it solved a problem all right these, this glass, one right here it’s solve a problem because it is a healthier way of smoking. You know tobacco stuff or whatever else you want to smoke right because with the glass you’re, not inhaling any any other toxins right, and that was a big that wasn’t a huge selling point, and it not only does it Do that it also saves you money, because you ‘

Ll have to keep wasting money on rolling papers or swisher Sweets or whatever you want to smoke with right. You don’t. This keep spending money on those things, because if you buy one of these, you’re good right unless you break it, so how people become healthier when smoking, which is a great problem to solve, and it also help people save money, which is even A better problem to solve right, so those were the two biggest reasons why this product was such a winner because, like I said it, helped people save money, because I don’t the keep wasting money on rolling papers and it was healthier because it’s glass and we spoke out of rolling papers or social sweets or backwards or whatever you know there’s tobacco in there and you’re, inhaling inhaling toxins, and that was like, I said our biggest selling point was, If you buy this, you’re gonna be white healthier and you’re gonna save more money because you ‘

Ll have to keep wasting money on the papers. So I’m gonna go and show you guys the store right now I’m gonna show. You show you guys the back end. I’m gonna show you guys. The actual store is well, and I really had to reopen it as well, because I haven’t even looked at the store and like it’s been like almost like a year and a half now or it’s.

Almost been like two years now, since I even look at the store – because I closed it down like a while ago, because the products are to die out and I couldn’t sell the store either, which kind of sucked, but so here’s the back end of the store, fifty one thousand five hundred and seventy three thousand thirty seven cents with two thousand orders.

And if you go over to the analytics as well, make sure you guys more in-depth as well like our conversion right and everything else. So here’s, the back end of everything um, you see, sixty-eight thousand online store sessions and we had 51 point.

Eight K in sales and um I was ordered by was twenty six and corrosion rate was two point: eight one, almost three percent pretty solid for you know when my first stores and I’ll refresh the page is well and um yeah so boom There, it is now, let me show you guys, the actual website, so here’s.

Our website on mobile, I’m, not showing you it on desktop, because it looks terrible on desktop because we only ran ads to mobile devices. So nobody ever really seen the desktop, except like us, so here’s, a mobile version of it, as you see here, custom content right well, this is my hand right here literally my hand right here taking this photo so that’s.

Our own content right there more custom content right here, get the Gucci and you have the the product very, very clean, right, good branding right there. Now, as you see, the homepage is very simple: it’s, nothing really special about it.

You Lee have the product and then you have a newsletter very simple homepage right. We don’t focus too much on the homepage, because we redirect people to the product page, not the homepage right, so that’s.

Why we don’t really focus that’s, where our homepage isn’t. All crazy does have a bunch of different [ __ ] on it right it’s. Really simple, and here’s. A product page right here, you see it looks kind of weird up here.

Um, you know beginner mistakes, right kind of us upon that, never really fixed it. Don’t know why I didn ‘ T fix it, but looks pretty odd, but anyway here is mom. You should initially guys more custom content as well boom that’s, my that’s.

I took that myself. Boehm took that myself, and these are just stack. I’ll Express ones here’s, a big reason why this product extremely good? Alright, if you guys look at our description, it’s very, very good.

Okay. First off we have the trust, badges right here and then we also have reasons why they should buy this product. You know I would benefit them if they bought this product right, healthier choice. Life can’t, get any better than hundreds and pure consumption of your favorite.

You know whatever whatever so letting people know that if they buy this product, you know it’s, a healthier life decision fast and easy to use. Instead of picking. You know five to ten minutes to you know roll up whatever you wan na smoke, you could just literally just pack it into the product and you’re good to go right, so it you know save time as well, which is another great selling.

Point and you can also take the product on-the-go as well, which is great because, with you know, regular rolling papers or whatever you can’t, like put it in your pocket right, because you know you would burn your pocket or whatever.

But with this you can literally put a cap on which came with the product right, let it focus real quick. You could literally put a cap right here and it would stop the the stuff from falling out. You literally putting your pocket, and you’re good to go right and you use it for later.

So another big selling point right there and we also included a cleaning kit as well, which is great so a really good description and we ain’t we to stop there either right. We also talked about how it lasts a lifetime.

So you know me make purchase and you’re good to go. You know unless it breaks obviously like I said it’s healthier to and it saves money as well. Like I said earlier, that’s. Another reason why people bought this product, okay.

So now let me go and show you guys. The Instagram page and the Instagram has a different name, because if something happened, that with my friend, which I talked about in another video where he took like fifteen thousand dollars from me and then ran and shut down the website, I made it a whole nother.

Video talking about that yeah, some, you guys might not have talked about some you guys might not, but yeah. I got a lot of the account. I couldn’t change this when I reopen the store again so that’s, why the name is huevo fish on a high official, but here’s, our Instagram page.

We lost a good amount of followers because we haven’t. I haven’t used his page in, like I said it’s been like a year and a half, and I think before we had like 25 thousand followers. I think a little bit more than that, but we definitely lost a lot of followers pay attention to like the branding aspect of things like the content, the bio and stuff, like that, the social proof everything so first things.

First, our logo is very simple right Lily. The name you just are just Fuego, like extremely simple and also with the followers all right. We bought 10,000 followers when we first launched this website and we got up to like 25 thousand followers, so a good amount of organic followers before you launch a store before you make any before you run any ads on us on Instagram page or anything like that.

You want to buy a like at least 10,000 followers right, just because of the social proof aspect like if you have 80 followers. Nobody is gonna buy from your store right. It’s, kind of common sense um, even if you have like a thousand followers already still buy from the store because it’s, not that many people right.

So I recommend getting at least 10,000 followers before you ever try to run an ad for your Instagram page. Now let’s, go ahead and go down to the content, and that content is a huge deal, especially with drop shipping um, because if you have good content and make sure brand look a lot more legit and it doesn’t make It makes it look like it’s, not a scam right.

If you guys have white background images on your Instagram page, and you know the images have watermarks in them. It looks like a scam right off the bat. All right, you want to have your Instagram page, extremely good-looking, with custom content, because if you’re doing affluent marketing – and you’re reworking people to the link in your bio, which will be right here when people are thinking about buying.

From your website, the first you have to do is click your ad name right and the in the ad, so they’re gonna click, your ad name and then the first thing you’re gonna see is your Instagram page. So that’s, gonna be the first impression of your brand and as you guys as most you guys know, first impressions are extremely extremely extremely important: that’s, why? You want to build a good first impression on our brand, so we’re, going to come to our Instagram page to see that okay, this brand looks good, that custom content.

They look legit. Now let’s, go and talk about the most important thing, and that is the marketing aspect. All right. Without the marketing we wouldn’t have been able to make anywhere near $ 50,000. Alright, so let’s.

Talk about the marketing right now, alright, so the marketing idea for this was only mean page marketing. I did not do a single Facebook ad num, the reason being that, because I couldn’t even run Facebook guys with this product, because this product is prohibited on Facebook.

So literally only did influence your ads and made close to sixty thousand dollars. With this store, that is the power of influence or ads or mean page of fluence, our ads, we didn’t even do any personal influence with this product.

If you wouldn’t get personal influencers, we would probably made like a quarter million dollars in probably two months or three months. So I’m. Pretty sure most you guys already know a mean page marketing is, but if you don’t, let me show you guys one example: real quick of what it means is so here’s an example of a mean page alright.

Now this is obviously a way bigger mean page um. Typically, you would use like pages with like two three four, five, six, seven million followers – and if you want a scale, you would use pages like this, who are a lot bigger yeah.

This is a mean page and there’s, a lot of things you want to look out for with mean pages, because a lot of them nowadays are fake and they’re, trying to make a quick buck off of beginners. Like I said, i’ma, show you guys an example of a good mean page and a bad mean page alright.

So here’s, a good mean page right here, twelve point: three million followers, and if we go down to their videos, you want to look at their engagement, alright, so the views to follow a ratio or likes to follow a ratio.

So let’s, see they posted this video one hour ago, and I already pulled 150,000 views that’s, really really good um, let’s, see this one pulled a hundred and thirty four thousand likes in one hour, extremely Extremely good, we look at like two more videos.

200,000 views an hour ago, super-good 300 views an hour ago, extremely because this is obviously a good page to use because they’re consistently, getting a really good engagement. Alright, now let’s. Go to and go over to a bad page to use or or page you, don’t want to use, so they have 6.

2 million followers now pages, like this kind of do something different, alright, typically, typically, what happens with a page that you don’t want to use is that they’ll, have they & # 39? Ll? Have you know 5 million followers and the only beginning, like 10,000, twenty thirty thousand lights per photo and they have five million followers which isn & # 39? T very good, but with this page they’re, getting good engagement, but they’re, doing like a little trick to make it look like they have really good engagement right.

I’m gonna explain right now. What that is so if you look right here um and we look at the most recent video, I pulled 40,000 views in an hour which is pretty solid um, especially for this page. But if this video right here, if this video only pulled like let’s, say a thousand views in the first hour, he would give this video 24 hours and then after the 24 hours.

If the video didn’t do good um. He would just delete the video, so it looks like he’s, getting good engagement, all right – and I wish you guys more examples of this as well. So he’s. Definitely to keep this video up because he got 42 thousand hours.

It’s. This right here is gonna, be a good video for his uh, his page, she was gonna keep that up, but this video here did good as well posted it two days ago for 1,000 views. Now this work gets kind of fishy, and this is what you want to look out for so so this one was posted in June at 13th and right now we’re, not recording this video, a just June 27th.

So if he posted this video about two weeks ago kind of weird right um, but it did pretty good but opposed to two weeks ago and that’s, his third most recent post. Now, if we go over to his fourth most recent post, this is posted a month and a half ago, a month and a half ago, his fourth most recent post, and he has six million followers so kind of fishy.

Again right. This one was supposed to make third, almost two months ago now that’s, his fifth most recent post, pretty fishy right, so you might be asked yourself all right. Why is he really really posting videos on this huge? You know me page.

Was six million followers? You know, why is he rarely posting? So what this page is doing is that he is kind of twisting his engagement to make it look like his engagement is better than it really is so, like I said earlier, if this video were to get 10,000 views an hour, he would just delete it after 24 hours, if it continued to do bad on his page and, for example, if this video right here did really bad in the first 24 hours, he would just delete this video too.

So basically, what this page is doing is that whenever a video or a photo does bad, you know it gets really bad abused or really bad likes. Then he just deletes after 24 hours, and if a video does good or photo does good on his page, then he keeps it up right because he’s kind of fixing his engagement to keep it.

You know high and a lot of pages are doing this. There’s, other methods that people do to fake their engagement. There’s, so many different methods that people do nowadays to fake their engagement with like different software’s and all this other different [ __ ].

Now you got really tired of all these pages. You know faking their engagement, fixing their engagement, deleting posts and keeping up good posts and all stupid crap like that because, like I said, a lot of these pages are just finessing beginners, all right.

They really just that’s like the whole purpose. It’s, just basically finessing beginners and giving them fake, shout outs so, like I said, I got really sick and tired of these pages doing that to beginners.

So what I went ahead and did is that I made a list of my most profitable Instagram influencers and I’m, pretty sure most guys already know about this list. If you guys can be watching me for a while now, but yes, the list is literally a list of my most profitable Instagram influences that I’ve ever used ever and all those influencers in that list are the influences that may be the most Money in the last two years that I’ve been dropping for so they’re all proven to work and the proven to make you money.

As long as you have you know, a semi-decent winning product and not too long ago. I actually had a student who made over eleven thousand dollars in a single day with the influencers in title. The list outside another person make.

I think it was over 18,000 or $ 16,000 in like half a month with this um with the list as well. Beyond this list is proven to work, you know it & # 39; s worked for myself, it & # 39; s worked for plenty of other people as well, like I just showed you and if you guys want to check out that list or if you guys Want to get access to the list, and all you got to do is click the second link in description of this video and you’ll.

Get access to that so yeah make sure you guys check that out by clicking the second link in the description and let’s, go and talk about influencer ads and how you can effectively run them. Alright, like your ad copy, your photos, your videos that you’re using for your ad copy, your caption all on different stuff, like that, now there’s kind of something different that I like to do as well, because if you post, Like a video add, like a mean page, and it’s, just you know promoting your product or showing off what the product does it’s gonna get a like really bad engagement, and if you can’t get Good engagement on the post, it’s, gonna reach more people and hit the explore page.

So I try to do that nowadays, where I try to put an engagement post at the beginning. So the first thing they see is the engagement post. Then, if they slide to the right they’ll, see you know a video or um.

You know your product, basically right and like I said, the reason why we use engagement post is to induce the engagement, and you know the more engagement you have. The more people will reach right out Instagram, so here’s, an example of an engagement post.

We use back in the day with this store. It’s, actually kind of funny right. So it says the last number of of your like is who you wake up next to and it’s like ariana grande the kitchen, I saw a girl, cardi B summer-rae pretty funny right, but this actually like our engagement, was crazy.

On these mean pages, because these posts have a chance to kind of um, I once they go viral, but like get a lot more viewers than it would, if were to only post. You know this as your first slide in the post right, so that’s.

Why, nowadays, what I like to do is, I can do stuff like this now. Typically, what I do nowadays is I don’t, do stuff like this, where it’s like the last number I ever liked is whatever you can still do that, and it probably still work, but what I can do nowadays for my Engagement post is just like stuff like where you say, like you know, tag a friend and if they don’t respond in like three minutes and they have to buy you whatever your product is right and bad boost.

Engagement is well um and also it’s, an engagement post, but it also showcases a product in the first slide, which is also a big thing as well, because some people might see this right. This would be the first thing they see when they’re scrolling down the feed they’ll, like it look at they’re, like you know, the last like or whatever, and then they’ll.

Just move on right: they want swipe to the right, but if you have like, if, if you have like your product instead of like these girls on here, then they would see your product as well. They might be interested in my swipe right that’s.

Nothing like to do is put engagement posts as a first thing to a boost, engagement and reach more people, and obviously you know the more people reaches the more cells you can potentially make so that’s.

What we do that, but if you guys want to learn more about my strategy, you know my blueprint on how I take source from you know: zero to fifty thousand dollars in a month, and I suggest that you check out my jaw shipping mastery program, which is The first link in the description of this video, and not only do you get access to you, know over seventy plus videos going my exact blueprint step-by-step on how to take stores from like, I said, you know, zero to fifty thousand dollars in just 30 days.

You also get one-on-one mentorship. You know when I want consulting calls whenever you like. You know you also get personal guidance for myself and you also even get to any product sent to your email every single month, just for being inside of the program and its help.

All day, you also get to watch me take a brand new store from zero to fifty five thousand dollars in just 30 days. Get to watch me build a site. Um live you get to watch me find the product live, make the ad copy live.

Watch people on the shout outs live watch me run ads, live, do all that, literally live, and on top of all that you will get to watch me sell the store for twenty thousand dollars live as well.


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