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So i’m on the printful website, which many of you know is, i guess, like the go-to when it comes to print on demand, along with a handful of other others. I’m in no way affiliate to any of these companies, but i just wanted to suggest these, because these are companies that i’ve used in the past um so quickly, just looking at their home page.

They have a few stats that i agree with, which is in 2020. E-Commerce is pretty predicted to grow by 19. It’s booming. We all know that apparel remains a global market heavyweight that is true. Physical stores are shutting down, yes, they are, and it’s going to e-commerce is easier than ever.

That’s, absolutely true, and that’s, something that i continually say so one of the things with print on demand is it’s great for creatives people who are creative? Who specifically, who are able to create designs themselves? That is a major convenient point.

It’s great for those who want to start an apparel brand with very lit little equity and scale scale it up and let’s, not forget jim shark. You know started by ben francis. He started with a drop shipping model and he was screen printing as well, so this is yeah and now they’re.

Obviously a multi-billion dollar company. So when people ask like is print demand worth that, can i even make a profit margin from print on demand? Absolutely, yes, uh! Will it make you hundreds and thousands of dollars within the first week? Probably not, but it is a long game.

So i just wanted to give you a reminder that jim shark was essentially, you know, firstly drop shipping, and i want to talk about quickly a big difference in 2021 when it comes to print on demand and what exactly is new ever since you know back in The day i was making quite a few drop, not drop shipping or drop shipping and print on demand videos, but there’s, a lot that has changed since you know those videos and one of those things is the ability to create what we call Aop so which stands for all over prints and i’ll, show you what i mean by that right now.

So if we go into printify, let’s just go on to the home page. They now provide a uh, a option called aop. Actually, if we go back it’s on the sidebar somewhere, yep aop clothing, so you’re able to you know previously.

If you’re in the brand demand space, you understand that there’s, restrictions in the dimensions and areas you’re able to print on, but aop, which is relatively new. It’s, not completely new now, but it’s going to grow in 2021.

No doubt is where you’re able to completely print all over the material. So if we jump into an example here, hopefully you’re, able to see an example here. So with this sweatshirt right yours, you can see that you’re able to literally print all over the sweatshirt or the shirt.

So let me let’s quickly, jump into this video that’s, uh yeah. So with this, it’s literally an all-over print shirt, and this changes the game completely because it gives you it opens up a whole new dimension of creativity and prints that you’re able to sell uh and personally, i think it’s, just it looks a lot more customizable rather than just you know, like a rectangular box that able able to print on that being said, this is relatively more expensive, so you do need to be wary of that.

So if we go down here, you can see that it starts from 31 usd, so it’s, definitely not not cheap in any means. Uh you’re able to print on tights you’re able to print on t-shirts. Even pencil skirts, so there’s, all sorts of crazy options.

Nowadays, i’m, going to give you another alternative, because obviously printify and printful two very big companies in the print-on-demand space, but there’s, another one called subliminator, and these are these.

They really focus on aop and they also focus on custom printed cuts and sewn uh all sorts of different products. So if we go into products here and click into it, you can see that uh there’s, a big focus in aop, as you can see when it comes to blankets, yoga leggings, hoodies, pjs, whatever it might be, um even masks.

So again, i’m, not affiliated to to these guys, but this is a really interesting uh development in this space and something that’s going to be quite large in 2021. So this is, if you’re in the print demand space, and you already have successful print on demand store like some of the mastery students.

This is something that you definitely want to test out now, if you’re starting out yeah sure you can test something like this out too, but just be wary that the cost of these is going to be decently higher than your normal print on Demand shirts, so i want to stress again that uh well not again, but i want to stress that branding is extremely important when it comes to print on demand because it’s all about marketing and branding, and i wanted to give you a quick Example of this, which i mentioned in a previous video which is black and black, is the pinnacle of great branding and they started out as a drop shipping business in which they’ve now, you know turned into a full private label business, but they Have terrific branding and marketing so this is uh.

You know a lot of print demand apparel and they’re, just a power brand in general, but you can see here that they sell things for a premium and it does sell. Let me tell you: now: they’re, a seven figure store, so this is an example of a terrific apparel store.

So if you’re thinking about going to this into this space, you should aspire to an approach like this. Of course it’s, going to be different for every single store and every single brand, but the point is that they do it terrifically and they execute it terrifically, and that is why there, a seven figure store, so branding is really important.

Digital marketing is more important than ever, especially when it comes to apparel and selling apparel, because you know with apparel you’re, not necessarily selling a uh resolving of a problem. You’re selling fashion and that can be more difficult to sell.

So, as you can see, it has a lot to do with branding. You generate demand through brand. So, like ask yourself: why is supreme so popular because it’s, their marketing? You know it’s, not because they necessarily have such an amazing feature.

You know it’s still a t-shirt, but it’s. Their brand, so just bear that in mind when it comes to print on demand. These elements i’m talking about are so important and aop is so important when it comes to print on demand.

Another thing that i consistently have mentioned in the past is place it and place. It is my go-to and i still have an account with them where you’re able to mock up almost absolutely anything, especially when it comes to apparel very, very quickly.

So, to give you an example of this, if i zoom in here, if i hover over this, you can see that this is. It looks like a real picture that you’ve taken, but it’s. Essentially your mock-up. It’s, an uploading of an image onto a mock-up, so i’ll.

Give you an example here. If you go into this image here, i’m, going to upload uh my my logo, just an example: uh yeah. Let’s, just upload a mastery logo onto this on this t-shirt and you’re all also able this is the really cool part you’re, also able to change the color of it.

So let me give you an example here, so i’m going to use the mastery logo as a quick example. Here i’ll crop it um and then i ‘ Ll probably want to move this actually, so i’ll resize it and have it probably up here so, as you can see like immediately it’s, not like um it doesn’t, look fake.

It looks like an actual image of a real t-shirt and you can even change the color here. So let’s change it to like a nice teal blue of some sort. So you can see here, you can change to almost absolutely any color and it looks amazing, so you can change it to a a white grey whatever it might be, and you can start to see the the potential here to create great mock-ups.

Maybe i should have this for the mastery shootings um but yeah. The point is place. It is a great way to without much capital create a large range of mock-ups. You know without hiring a photographer editing the photos that sort of stuff and um.

This is a really quick, simple, convenient cost effective way to have your print on demand, t-shirts and designs on display on your website in a very appealing way and very important because, like i said it’s all to do with branding and marketing when It comes to the apparel scene, so this is something you should definitely check out if you haven’t yet already i’ll leave a link down below to a free trial and i believe a potential discount uh so go check them Out but just to recap, overall aop gonna be huge.

In 2021 i’m, telling you uh and then beyond that marketing, all right marketing marketing. If you don’t, have facebook ads down. Pat. If you don’t, have your marketing branding down pat’s, you’re, not going to be able to generate a strong enough um profit margin and then beyond that, make sure that you use uh mock-ups place it.

So extremely convenient and important, but print to men, definitely not dead and it’s. If anything, it’s. Expanding there’s more options. There’s more things. You can print on mugs jars, whatever all sorts of crazy things um and it’s really fun.

If you’re creative and you’re pr of a per a person that is of a creative nature and you love branding, you love creating stores and it’s still profitable. If you do things right so hope you enjoyed this video, i hope it helped helped.

You hope it gained you, some clarity to run with a business model today, uh another pro tip by the way real quick is drop, shipping and print on demand very complimentary. So you can have two of these stores together, essentially like you could be apparel and a physical item store um, so bear that in mind.

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