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Do it also? I’m gonna make a side account on this other phone document, the whole thing and put it out as YouTube content, and no this isn’t. A video like somebody named Joseph Todd, who also puts out tik-tok YouTube videos like had a girl from zero to a hundred thousand.

How does he know how to grow to a hundred thousand followers? The guys only got 900? I looked him up. My main account has over five hundred and sixty four thousand followers, so this isn’t some BS, like Joseph Todd’s content.

This is exactly how to grow by somebody who already did it end from the person that has the number one YouTube channel for how to grow. Your tik-tok account so yeah that’s. What I’m gonna. Do I’m gonna grow? This account from 0 to 10k in 7 days, and then I’m gonna be giving it away to one of you make sure you guys stick around for the end of the video, because I will be sharing with you every single thing that I’m gonna do in order to grow this account.

I’m gonna list it all out so that you guys can copy it and implement it into your own accounts. Like seriously, I’m, going to be giving you guys everything the total blueprint that you need to be able to replicate this and do the same exact thing for those either don ‘

To know who I am my name is Robert Benjamin and my mission is simple. I want to help you grow a following on social media and make money online. Over the past year I’ve had a ton of success on tik-tok and right now.

I have the number one YouTube channel dedicated to helping. You grow your tik-tok. If the proof that just popped up on the screen, wasn’t enough, then why don’t you go search on youtube for best tick, tock, hashtags or best time to post on tick, tock or even tick, tock algorithm and tell me Who keeps showing up also, you can go check out.

My Instagram story highlights. I have a ton of success stories. I answer every comment below and all of my DMS on Instagram. So if you have any questions at any point in this video make sure you leave a comment below or hit me up on Instagram after I’m telling you’ve, never seen another creator before the tries to bring as much value To their audience as I do and engages with as many people as possible, but before I dive into that, I did just want to take a quick second and thank everybody that has signed up for the private tik-tok engagement group.

For my consulting packages and for the mentorship program, you guys are growing like crazy. I am so happy for you guys. Thank you so much for supporting me so, like I said this, video is gonna give you guys everything that you need to go from 0 to 10 K or just to keep growing your account.

If you’re already, a big account and I’m gonna – be doing it all in front of you. You guys want to follow along on it’s at robbed from YouTube and, like I said, I’m gonna be given this account away, so it would be cool for you guys to all go, follow it and just check out The process like I want this to be a test account for you guys, so you guys can look exactly at the content that I’m making and think like.

How can I apply this to my account? How can I apply this to my niche because I always give you guys all the advice, the blueprint really on how to grow your account, but I’m gonna tell you guys it in this video and then you can compare the stuff that I said in this video to the posts that are actually on the real account and see like hey.

This is what oh, that’s. What he means by that! This is how he’s, doing that and then come up with creative ways, for you guys to do the same exact thing for your account, because I truly believe that everybody can go viral on tik-tok and gain a ton of followers.

In addition, guys, I’m gonna be doing this on an iPhone 7, not on my iPhone 11. I don’t know where it is, but I may be doing it on a worse phone, because I see a ton of comments below you. Guys are always saying: hey my phone isn’t good.

My phone is bad this that the other your phone doesn’t matter. Your phone is not the reason that you’re, not blowing up on tick-tock the quality’s, not the reason. I started my main account on an iPhone 7 and grew it to like 500,000 followers before I even upgraded to the iPhone 11 saying that your qualities, bad, is a lame.

Excuse. Trust me, because that’s, not it it’s, not the quality of your videos. It’s, the quality of the content of your videos, it’s, probably also things like your hash tag, your description, your hook in the video and a whole bunch of other things, but we’ll, get to that in A little bit so seriously guys the whole point of me doing this and trust me.

I have so many other things that I could be doing besides growing a tick-tock account for fun on the side over the next seven days. I really want this to be all about you guys. I want you guys to be able to look at this and implement the strategies to your account.

I don’t want to see anybody in the comments below saying hey. This won’t work for my account. This won’t work for my niece, because trust me guys. These rules are fundamental principles for how to grow on social media and things that work right now in tik-tok.

If you don’t have the patience or the time to learn how you can either one directly apply these to your videos or look at somebody else’s, content and study the content I’m gonna put on Here and say: oh, I can do this for my videos or I can do that for my niche and be able to grow like that.

Well, then, trust me, you’re, just not gonna grow on tik-tok I didn’t say that it was gonna be incredibly easy or that it would happen overnight. All I’m saying is that everybody could do it if you put in a little bit of work.

That being said, something tells me that, since you’re watching his YouTube video right now, you guys are willing to put in a little bit of work and remember. Growing on Technic is 90 %. Mental 10 % actually doing the right things.

So don’t, discourage yourself upfront or ever as so many you guys have a viral post, and then I see it in the comments scroll down in the comments I’m sure you guys could see it Rob. I had this viral post, and now none of my posts will do well well, first of all like what does that mean that none of your posts do well? Second of all, just because you had a viral post, it doesn’t mean that all of your other posts are gonna go viral.

That’s, not what I think is gonna happen in this account. I thought that that happened when it first happened to me and guess what the next video I posted flop, just like all of you guys, because that is just naturally what happens you put out a piece of content.

It may have been good. It may have not been that good, it goes viral and then you start to post random stuff and boom. You don’t, go viral anymore. Well, guess what you’re, just you post, wasn’t that good.

That’s. Why I didn’t go viral, so that being said on this account, I’m gonna be posting a ton of content that is trending, relatable and engaging. I preached all the time that all of my content needs to be those things and that your content needs to be those things, and I’m about to show you guys exactly how to do it.

So many of you guys comment below also or DM me and say: hey man. My content is really good. I’m, just not growing wok. I hate to break it to you Sharon, but your contents, not good. I mean it might be good.

The editing might be good, the quality might be good, the effects might be good, but that’s, all good and great, whether you think it’s good or I think it’s good. If tik-tok doesn’t think it’s good and the algorithm that doesn’t think it’s.

Good and tik-tok. Doesn’t think that it’s, something that their users want to see. Well, then, guess what nobody’s gonna see it before I go into the blueprint on exactly how I’m going to grow. This account and the things that I’m gonna, do and give you guys really tactical advice from what to pose so when to post all these things I did want to.

Let you guys know that a Tony you guys are posting on tik-tok that have just come on here. Just got on the app you guys had success on YouTube or on Instagram and the biggest mistake that you guys are making, or is you’re? Not making trending content and you’re, not making content that tik-tok wants to see if you, edit, your tick-tocks, the same way that you edit your Instagram or YouTube videos that’s, why they’re, not taking off tik-tok.

Is a totally different platform? You need to be posting content, that’s native to tik-tok that works on tik-tok. Otherwise, nobody’s. Gon na engage with it and nobody’s ever gonna see, and also I don’t want you guys to get mistaken here.

This is not like: hey watch Rob go viral and gain all these followers. I I in fact I don’t want to go viral within this account, because I want to show you guys that you, don’t need to go viral in order to following on tick-tock.

You just need to make content that’s, trending that relates to people or that’s trending and gets people to engage. So here’s. Everything that I’m gonna do all the principles and the blueprint. Then I’m gonna implement on this account.

What are you doing? You haven’t taken out a notebook and notepad and a pen yet to be able to write all these things down and that Sharon is exactly why you’re, not growing, but enough of bullying Sharon.

Let’s, get into it. So, first of all, I’m gonna try to make all of my posts 11 to 17 seconds. This is the ideal time for something they get pushed out into the tick-tock algorithm. It’s enough time for somebody being able to watch enough video and you to be able to get enough watch time in order to go viral.

If you’re posting the 60-second long videos, it’s really hard to get a good amount of watch time in order to go viral and if anything’s less than that like. If it’s. Eight seconds and somebody watches the whole thing odds.

Are it’s? Not gonna go viral because that’s, just not a lot of watch time and at the end of the day, all tick-tock cares about is keeping people on the app kind of similar to YouTube. For those of you that know about the YouTube algorithm next, my hashtag strategy is gonna, be this.

It’s very simple. I’m gonna post one to two trending hashtags. If you guys don’t know what they are when you go to write a description and put hashtag they, those are the ones that come up and read, or if that doesn’t show up for you, because I know it.

Doesn’t in some countries. You guys need to go to the discover, tab and take two hashtags from there. So I’m gonna use one to two trending hashtags and then one to two broad hashtags or one to two knee specific hashtags for that post.

Broad hashtags are things like hashtag fyp hashtag for you page. If I was in the music niche I’m, not it would be things like hashtag cover me or hashtag music cover. As far as posting time goes, I’m, going to be posting from 10:00 to 1:00 and then after 7:00, every single day.

That is a little bit different from what I say in the majority of my videos. But since these weird times right now those are the best times to post the other thing eyes. If you guys are in another country, you need to be posting or another time zone.

Whatever I’m in New York, that’s. When I’m gonna be posting, if you guys are in California or Nigeria or Africa, you guys need to be Pope or China where, wherever you guys are you guys need to be posting those times for your time.

In addition to that, if your country speaks another language, you need to not be posting in English. You need to be posting in your country’s native language. Tick tock is an incredibly geo focused app and if you’re, not implementing those things that’s, why you’re, not getting any views? How many times am I going to be posting a day? I recommend that everybody posts 3 to 6 times a day, but honestly you can pose more than that.

If you’re really trying to grow an account really fast, I’m, probably gonna post a little bit more than that, and this question always comes up. How long do I wait in between posts? I might post three videos in a row not look at it for an hour to them post three videos in a row again – or there may be days where I post a video, wait a half an hour post, another video, it really doesn’t Matter that stuff doesn’t matter, and yes, if you have a video getting a lot of views or going viral, you can post again without anything else without that new video affecting those videos.

This is probably the most important thing especially up front. I’m gonna do this, probably until I have a thousand or two thousand followers on this account. I’m, going to follow back every single person that likes or comments on one of my videos.

This is incredibly important because this is how I’m gonna get that small base of followers. Once you get more followers, it’s way easy to get more followers because it’s. Social proof right people think oh, this guy’s got a lot of followers.

Let me listen him. The same way that you guys shouldn’t, listen to Joseph Todd because he’s only got 800 followers and I have 500 60,000. But whatever we’re, not gonna get into that right now, but yeah.

You need to build up that social proof. The best way to be able to do that is to follow back every single person that likes or comments on your stuff. They’re. Naturally, Oh Rob Benjamin follow me. Oh great, I’m gonna follow him back.

The same exact thing will happen with you. This is also how you guys start to get a lot more engagement, because, yes, you do need above 30 % engagement in most situations in order to go viral or just in order to get on the 4u page.

Another thing that I’m gonna be implementing once I have a post do well. I’m, going to repost that post several times a day several times a week, whatever the case may be in order to really rinse as many views as possible.

As I can add to that video I might even try something like I haven’t tried this on my main account, but I see it all the time it’s. Definitely a trending thing on the for you page re posting something and saying like reposting this until it goes viral reposting this, because it didn’t do as well last time.

So the next thing that I’m gonna be doing which I’ve, really wanted to emphasize, for you guys was staying patient. I don’t care. If I post – and I look three hours later and the post has ten views, it doesn’t matter, because guess what I’m about to post three more times, nobody’s.

Gon na see that video with ten posts. After, like five or six hours, when I posted several times more, you guys need to do the same exact thing I’m, also not going to delete any posts, private and any posts.

I’m gonna make sure that I don’t break the Community Guidelines. I’m gonna be putting all these things in place because if you do start to do those things or engage with myself with my other accounts and stuff like that, I’m, not gonna.

Do any of that, because I know that that stuff will get me shot for at least or at most really seven to 14 days, if not it’ll get me permanently Bend and look I mean I may come up short on growing a 10k In the next seven days, but I do want to show you guys – growth at least Ords, a viral video or something so that you guys have some stuff to learn from two other things that I really want you guys to hone in on is one I’m gonna be asking for engagement in almost every single post.

The reason I’m gonna be doing this is because it tricks people or I don’t – want to see tricks but influences people into engaging with the content and then tik-tok pushes it out more because it’s. Getting a lot more engagement, the other thing that I’m gonna be implementing is focusing on the hook.

In my video. That means the first one point: five seconds needs to be great: there needs to be a good transition, a loud noise, something there needs to be a pattern interrupt which will get somebody from stopping scrolling on tick-tock.

I know you guys all do this all the time. Probably every single night at 11 p.m. you find yourself scrolling on tick-tock like this and not watching every single video just watching some of them. You need to make sure that you make your content with that in mind, knowing that that’s, what somebody’s doing on tick-tock boom, your content needs to be thumb, stopping it need to have a great intro good transition, really something That’s, a pattern interrupt which gets somebody to stop on it and then continue to watch it.

Do you guys have any other questions about anything? Make sure you? Let me know in the comments section below I’m, pretty sure I gave you guys almost everything that I’m gonna be implementing into the account, and I think that you guys can start to implement all of that stuff in Your accounts also it’s, been a really long time.

Since I made a video telling you everything that I would do in order to grow an account so yeah, you guys just got all of that information totally for free and no, I’m, not saying that it’s. Gon na happen overnight and you’re gonna implement these things and your videos gonna go viral, not saying.

Oh actually, let me say one more thing when you guys are asking for engagement, because I know that I said that within that list, you guys need to be doing it for a short period of time on the video and then also need to do it in Your description, I’ve, been saying this a lot as for engagement as for engagement, especially in the comments, what you guys need to do is ask for engagement like double tap this video.

If you can relate or double tap this video, if you left something like that, it needs to be on the screen for a short period of time, best case scenarios after a pattern interrupt or something like that, and then the other thing too, you guys need to Put the same exact thing in the description: if your description and the text in your video don’t line up or they’re, conflicting odds, are somebody isn’t going to take that action? Also for those of you guys that are unhappy with your growth, I would we recommend that you guys check out the link in the description below either join my private to tuck engagement group sign up for my consulting or my mentorship.

I’ve, helped hundreds hundreds of people over the past two weeks since I launched it and they’re all seeing a lot of success. Growing tens of thousands of followers a couple of them have grown hundreds of thousands of followers, and I really think that if you’re serious about tik-tok, you could benefit from looking into it.

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